The king is dead…

Th build up to the much anticipated match versus the Slann Seers had been intense-Hamlet had drilled his colleagues hard and after discussion with coach Girth had enlisted the help, once again, of a mechanical saw welding skeleton and the Hamlets old friend Setek to offer some much needed muscle.
The match started with the unfortunate departure of the Star Saw who slipped whilst attempting to  a ‘resting’ Saurus and ended up one the side lines and the rest of the half went the way of the lizards despite Hamlets best attempts at scoring the equaliser-resulting in him leaving the pitch with concussion for the remainder of the match.
In the second half and missing their captain and lead scorer the Troupe tried to slow the lizard advance and it seemed like an opportunity to score would come but the Cunning of coach Jofro stymied the attempts.

In a desperate attempt King Lear through himself into the way of a charging Saurus and as the crunching hit came in the crowd gasped as his form seemed to shattered in mid air-the king had been killed!

Stunned, the team where unable to prevent the Seers scoring for a second time, and as they returned to the dressing room it seemed the Troupe had hit an all time low.

“How can we ever achieve our goal of Eternal Fame, when our leading lights are taken from us so cruelly”

Hamlet’s word hit a cord with coach Girth and the team, who despite his megalomaniac ways, remembered the brutal departure of King Lears predecessor Lucifer-had the coach been to quick to ask for his removal?

“I know your hurting my talented Troupe, but we must remain strong and ensure we keep fighting for the battle is not yet lost-we mud fight for those who have gone before us!”

Coach Girth left the team with these words, but inside he know that without new talent his Group would always struggle to be leading lights

Maybe it times to speak to his contacts-and he knew just the coach to speak to….

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