The Legacy Continues. #KeepGoing

The Battlefield Gazette (BFG) has was allowed exclusive access to the club-house in the off-season, and was extended a contract to retain access through Season 7. BFG set about installing cameras and audio equipment throughout the club house, field, and team traveling vehicles. We hope to bring you some of the inner workings of the Nation as the season goes on.

THE NATION – Today marks the start of the fifth consecutive season for the New Orcland Grunts. The Grunts are one of the few remaining original teams in the MML, dating their lineage back the birth of the MML prior to the inaugural season. While the Grunts have had a series of success stories, the franchise has stagnated in the middle of the League, emerging in Season 3 for a post-season appearance that would give them their first and only Bowl victory.

Since that time, the Grunts have gone through a change in ownership – Warchief Thrall sold the team to Preach prior to the end of Season 3 – and a new attitude in the club-house. Preach, while always at the helm of the Grunts, truly set to work after this period and gave the Grunts a new outlook on life.

Preach joined us for a brief chat about the upcoming season and the new direction of the team:

BFG: How do you feel going in to Season 5?

Preach: We’re excited, we’re amp’d, we’re ready. The Nation is an institution, we’re a legacy. We have a new way of doing business, a new way of conducting ourselves. A new outlook. We’re excited.

BFG: Can you share some that outlook with the Nation?

Preach: You bet! The Grunts have always been about the game, about progression. Except, we’ve focused that progression externally in the past. Going forward, we are focused internally. We’re focused on us, doing what we need to do to better ourselves, to better each other and to better the Nation. Will that translate to wins? We hope so…but the true score is tallied internally, within each of us.

#KeepGoing – Excerpts from the Grunt club-house this off season.

BFG: That’s rather zen-like and profound.

Preach: Hearts and minds. We’ve fallen quite a bit along this path. Yet here we are, ready to do it again. You just got to keep going.

BFG: What can we expect on the field then?

Preach: The Nation can expect a hard fought game, internally and externally. The lads are ready this year, more so than any other. It’s a new year, a new opportunity. We’ve got something to contribute, something to give. We’re not done. This is just the beginning.

BFG: Best of luck coach.

Preach: [no comment was made, just a sideways wink before he strode out on to the field]

BFG will be bringing you interviews and audio clips from around the Grunt Nation as the season progresses. Stay tuned for all your Grunt needs and news!



  1. What you can do is bounce back and be resilient. Learn from the experience and start again! I found the audio quite inspirational. It is nice. I actually hope the Grunts do well. Like the BFG says, seems like they are an institution. 🙂

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