The Lions Begin their March

“Hello, ladies and gentleman. We have crumpets, Yorkshire puddings and gravy for you all to feast on whilst watching the pride of our nation, if that is not enough we even managed to get some Gypsy Tarts for everyone. As all of you may know, our lions have zero experience at playing this game called…. blood bowl, but not to worry as they have been trained by the Southgate corporation here in Wembley. Since you all are here, I can assume that we will all raise a glass of tea as we all sit back and watch a glorious Lion team try and bring home a trophy. Here Here.” – A speech at the opening of a posh party in a place called Westminster. Hours before the first game of the Lions was due to commence.

Meanwhile, at a local pub called the Red Lion. “Oi, lads calm it down will ya. The game is about to start.” The bar tender says to some rowdy adults sitting at the table. “Ahhh what game, I heard the Geordie derby has been postponed.” One of the intoxicated men replied. “No, not the football you muppet. A new series of games being broadcasted on thee Iplayer. Blood bowl. Apparently there is lots of death and blood, plus we got free drinks for airing the game.” The bar tender says holding up the new beer called bloodwiser, as the table of drunks ordered a round of it. Taking a gulp one of the other men looked at the others, “That’s proper good drink, innit.” As all the others took a swig, and nodded wanting to take another. “Alright lets see this game of bloodbowl then love. Best be as exciting as this drink, might make us all forget the fact that were skint.” Announced another, as the whole pub laughed eyes glued to the screen.

In the Lions locker room the coach was preparing the lions to play in the only was he knew how. Standing infront of a cart looking at all 11 players, “Who wants a cuppa?” The entire dressing room raised there hand but the coach smiled. “Good, you can have a Cuppa after you survive this game. If you win, you all get a digestive with it.” The whole dressing room had an uproar of enthusiasm as they were inspired by the speech. All raring to go Thee Lions got up and embarked on to the field chanting there Motto for everyone to hear. “Its coming home!”

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