The Long Road Back

“Two losses in two weeks not acceptable!” screeched Seek. Coach Stuff was both happy and terrified to see that they had brought his family to the Rat’s Nest. Although he had been expecting it the blow knocked Coach Stuff unconscious before he could even hit the ground. Fragments of memory flowed past in a blur.

Stuffnjunk was Alex again. He was a Sergeant in the Imperial Army, directing cannon fire upon the enemies of the Empire.

Then he was in the training exercise: the one where he was thrown on the ground. An audible snap and the pain in his back was excruciating.

He was in the Apothecary’s office, being fed more Orcycodone.

He was handed his discharge papers.

He was signing the loan paperwork with Goblin Gambling in order to buy more meds.

Seek and Destroy held him by the throat while the four Black Orcs hauled his family from their home. “You no pay. There consequences. You see them when you do task for us. You coach Skaven team! You win, you see them. You lose, maybe they pay your debt!”

He entered the Rat’s Nest. The Skaven team assembled before him. “That not man-thing. He strung out on Stuff-Junk drugs! HA! We call him StuffnJunk!” Slinij said in his squeaky rat voice.

Coach Stuff opened his eyes. He could see Crylutch wrestling with Destroy. The size mismatch was almost comical, but Crylutch had been training in the art of Dauntless blocking. Still, he was shocked when Destroy hit the ground: even more so when he saw the rest of the team swarm over him, clawing and biting as if they hadn’t been feed in weeks. He limped over to the twisted form of Seek.

“I DECIDE WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE FOR MY TEAM!” StuffnJunk screamed at the broken rat. Now that he knew his family was safe and in his arms again the time for retaliation had come.

The Ratlings gathered before him. “Its time we throw off the shackles of Goblin Gambling for this team! Its time we throw off the shackles of Goblin Gambling on the MML! We can’t do this alone but there is someone who has been wronged by this company just as much as we have. We need Warriors and Apothecaries. We need Power in this Hour of need.”

“So, how many of you have ever tunneled into a prison?”


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