The Magic is Back

As Rmac peered over the great canyon below he was joined by Vorgen one of his few remaining original players. “Itssssss time for ussss to be heard againnn”. “I know it is and we shall be among the pro ranks again”. Rmac needed a way to draw out the hooded figure and so at the end of the last season decided to place his team in trophy case status and to sit out the next season that was now drawing to a close. Some thought it dangerous to cross the hooded figure when so little was known about him, but it had become clear that this team was as important to him as it was to rmac. Also, Rmac had cleverly sponsored several minor league teams with their winnings from goblin gambling that were now bearing fruit. So future players would no longer be needed from the hooded man. Once news reached the league it didn’t take long for the shadowy figure to appear in Rmac’s office. 

  “What do you think your doing sitting this team for a season without asking permission” the black clad figure bellowed. “As coach and GM I wasn’t aware I had to ask permission to do what I think is best for this team”. “They needed a break to heal and get used to all the new members we have had to bring in and become a team again”.  “Those kinds of decisions are not yours to make, don’t make the mistake of thinking you are in charge, I told you what would happen if we did not protect you since you have been banished”. “No more mistakes or you will be dealt with, I will be in touch, but for now just win!”. 

   As the hooded figure left Vorgen was waiting outside and signaled Presto who was waiting along the mountain pass. This time the figure would not elude him. The plan to lure the unknown benefactor out into the open had worked and this time they were ready for him. Soon Rmac would have the answers he needed to be free once and for all. But for now it was time to get the team ready for the pitch once again. 

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