The New Deal

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The New Deal

‚It has been quite the ride, hasn’t it?’ Woody leaned back into the comfort of his armchair, letting the smoke if his cigar slowly run through his nostrils while looking at the trophy standing on the desk between them. ‘Certainly’, LouLiz responded.

He had abandoned the team, his team, the Harrelsons, shortly before the grand final where they, old, broken and weak managed to pull it off one more time. LouLiz was actually there, in the stadium, to watch his lads collect their well-deserved rings, but he could not sit on the bench, taking responsibility for all that talent put at risk again.

It was like driving a fast car, you try to get more and more out of it, pushing your kuck, getting addicted to the speed, not caring about anything else. LouLiz just had to hit the breaks. He could not stand watching another of his players getting hurt. With every block the Power Hour or the Widowmakers threw against them (there were a lot of those), his heart stopped for a second. Woody, the team’s owner, on the other hand could not stop. He had to keep going. He went into the locker room just before the final to tell his players ‘This game is not about you, it is about the franchise, it is about making history. I want you to take every risk, I want you to throw yourselves in front of the ball if there is the slightest chance of stopping them, now go out and take what’s yours!’ – and they did.

‘But what’s next?’ LouLiz saw that it wasn’t only happiness that was written in Woody’s face, there as a shadow, doubt, concern, something. ‘Honestly, I don’t know. Ever since Lirdaeth arrived from Castle Fnords, more and more linemen keep disappearing, Himilar can hardly get up in the morning with all his injuries, Uhlsanel is out for a week if one of Deepwood’s leaves touches him, Fumble Fingers thinks I should fire everyone but him and Dancing Leaves is out every night ever since those Amazons arrived. I tried selling Lirdaeth to Rez but I assume he heard of his nightly adventures and – as you know – for some reason Rez values his linemen.’

There it was again, the exactly what LouLiz hated. Woody would do everything for another title. ‘But what are your plans with the team? You know I won’t come back, I just signed a pretty nice deal with Goblin Gambling to coach a team which’s only purpose is to add some more show-elements to the league. I don’t know why Goblin Gambling oversees this but hey ho, sounds like a good job.’ – ‘I totally understand, but be careful. I’ve seen a lot of good people making deals with Goblin Gambling and it never ended well. If anything goes wrong, you know where to find me. Also, in a few weeks, I might have a special task for you. Something only you can do. Let me know when you are ready.’ It was one of these Woody-moments. All over sudden he was somewhere else, with his plan. LouLiz knew it was time to go. He left Woody’s office, wondering what the old man could have in mind when a little creature approached him. It was a goblin. LouLiz spotted a little tattoo in his neck, ‘GG’.

‘Well, you guys are fast’, LouLiz smiled at the goblin. Without a word, the greenskin handed him a note, turned around and left. ‘Don’t forc this up’.

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