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Coach Gerdleah was in his office, inside the Nightmare Cavern stadium, home of the The Witch’s Coven. He had just been summoned in front of the board of directors where he had been told that the team would not be returning to the league for season 9, but would go on a tour of Nagarythe playing exhibition matches. Earning the owners more money and not risking those players that had survived the 5 seasons in the MML leagues.

He was packing up his office. The team did not need a full time coach. More money for the owner this way. He wasn’t bitter about the way things had ended. The Coven had achieved much and had just fallen short of the grand prize. The players had earned a rest from the stresses and pressure of the league.

The coach exited the office having packed the last of his boxes up and headed to the dressing room, where he had asked the team to gather. He wanted to wish them luck on their tour and say goodbye. He walked down the hallway, which was eerily quiet. The stadium had always been bustling with activity even between home games. Now it felt empty.

Opening the door to the dressing room, he heard maniacal laughing but couldn’t tell where exactly it was coming from as the noise was echoing around the empty room. Well it was empty apart from a large goblin sitting on the treatment table. On his head, in what was supposed to be a type of hat, appeared to be the remains of some large creatures skull.

Oi, humie I been lookin’ for ya. I’m Da-Runt and I need your ‘elp. And you need mine! I need a coach of me new ratties that I’ve acquired. U a coach without a team.” Some more cackling was heard, but couldn’t be seen.

“Look I need to take some time to think about what I want to do next. I’ve got a lot of promising younger dark elf teams that are playing in the minors who could make the step up if I find a backer for them. Anyway, how did you come by a team of skaven?” Gerdleah asked.

Not important you see. They ma pack now and have some skillz. I’ve got access to lots of gold and can get you straight back into da MML, with da assistance of ma boss. You ‘ave no choice. I own you! Bought ya contract, see. No need ta be worried, ma boss will pay ya more than ya erned wit dem pointy earz.” Da-Runt jumped off the table and strolled over to stand in front of Coach Gerdleah. “Also got a bonus for ya. Look up.”

Coach Gerdleah looked to see a mad looking night goblin hanging from the chains at the top of the dressing room. “Just waitin on Coppa-feel’s licenz from da league. Then you will ‘ave some new trickz up ya sleeve!”

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