The origin of the Sinister 7 (pt.1)

Sinnister 7 – The origin

The Mead & Mayhem League (MML). The finest collection of Blood Bowl players to grace the grid irons of the old world. Every race in the old world had multiple teams competing for the biggest prizes. There was one coach who saw an opening to get his big greenskin fingers on these prizes.
Introducing coach Stompa, coach of the Stompa Boy Buccaneers. A cut throat mob of Freebooters who ventured in the world of MML for one reason, gold!
During his first season in the MML coach Stompa spent many games watching his boyz win, lose, and draw. Not being satisfied with the return in gold for his hard work he decided a change was needed. Coach Stompa used to watch some of the spectators (and sometimes coaches) spending most of the game time at the Goblin Gambling stand trying to make quick gold. A couple of punters walked past him with a bag of gold in hand. “See, you more bets you place the better the chances of winning” said the lucky human. “Gimme dat” shouted Stompa as he swiped the bag of gold from the punter. “Get out of ‘ere before me boyz gut ya” he moaned at the poor unfortunate human.
“Get more to win more” Stompa thought to himself in a ‘sinister’ manner. Coach Stompa spent many matches putting together his plan, much to the sacrifice of his team on the field as he was not always paying attention to the game at hand.
“Oi git, get over ‘ere” he shouted to one of his Black Orcs after the game. “You iz gonna do somefing for me” he demanded, pushing his big green finger into the blockers chest.
“Wot is it boss? Asked the Black Orc.
“Take dem paper fings and follow dat map, da map is gonna tell you where you gonna take dem. And dis is wot you gonna do with dem”
“Take a couple of dem lil’ stunty grots wiv ya, dem gits gonna help ya”.
“Yes boss” replied the Black Orc. And off he went on his mission.
“Me finking dis is gonna be very good for us Orcs, we iz gonna be rich” coach Stompa thought to himself whilst sniggering at the thought of his wicked plan.


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