The origin of the sinister 7 (pt.2)

And so. With his Sinister plan unfolding coach Stompa was sitting patiently on the sidelines. Eagerly anticipating the return of his Black Orc and band of Grots. This week the Stompa Boy Buccaneers were playing Rotten & Rolled in the Farm. Managed coach Thunden, a well respected Nurgle coach in the MML.
Stompa was down a Black Orc for the game as he had been trusted to run an inportant errand for his Boss. “Oi you, go get me a Troll” he ordered one of his lineman. Hoping to add some muscle for the game as a replacement for the Black Orc.
Game day was here.
Coach Stompa wasn’t paying too much attention to the game in the first half, instead he was distracted by all the support the opposing team was getting from the crowd. Everywhere he looked he saw banners saying ‘Go Horseman’.
This intrigued this big Orc coach.
We had gotten to half time in the match. Coach Stompa headed down to the changing room to meet his team. “Right then boyz, ‘ow many of dem stinkin’ dirt bags ‘av ya killed so far? He asked his team. “None boss” replied Rex Borkhead (a nervous looking Orc lineman). “WHAAAAT”
Screamed the angry Orc coach.
“Well wot ‘av you been doin’ out dere? He asked the lineman. “Well boss dem stinkies are pretty tuff”
Echoed through the underbelly of the stadium as the poir Orc lineman had just had the teeth slapped out of his mouth by the angry Orc coach.
“You tellin’ me dem stinkin’ dirtbags is tuffa den us Orcs? He shouted at Rex. “You gonna sit on da sideline for the rest of da game and watch wot tuff is, i’ll show ya tuff”.
So they went back onto the field.
Stompa Boy Buccaneers were now playing defence with the game tied at 0-0. “Get out there and ‘urt ’em” he demanded of his team.
The game continued. Having taken a recent interest in the Goblin Gambling stand Stompa noticed a lot of people were now placing more bets on the Nurgle team to be victorious. This angered the Orc even more. “Don’t let dem score”. He told his team.
After a hard fought battle with the Nurgle team the Orcs were able to grind out a 0-0 draw. This caused a bit of havoc around the Goblin Gambling stand as a lot of people had lost a lot of money on this game.
Coach Stompa felt very amused at the misfortune of the punters.
That’ll teach them, he thought to himself. After the game he grabbed a handful of his goblin assistants. “Oi gits, follow dem stinkin’ coaches. I wanna know wot dem Horseman is doin’ and wot they are all about”.
“Yes Boss” replied the sniggering grots. As his team was packing up and getting ready to leave he noticed the return of Rob Gronkorkski, the loyal Black Orc who he sent on a secret mission. “Dem messages ‘av been delivered Boss”. “Good work” replied Stompa. With his plan coming together nicely Stompa realised there could be a block in the road on his path to domination in the MML. That block came in the form of the 4 Nurgle coaches he had recently come into contact with.
Things were getting interesting.

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