The Red-Eye Mountain tales (pt. 1)


After numerous games in the MML with the Stompa Boy buccaneers, Coach Stompa decided it was time for a change. And so he sent the Bucs away, back off on the high seas of the old world, to pillage and plunder again. Something they had far more success at compared to their on-field performances. However, coach Stompa wasn’t quite through with this game just yet. He was still monitoring the progress of the Orkham Lunatics (another MML orc team he has associated himself with), but they were nowhere near ready for the challenge yet. Mainly due to the fact they could not work as a team and had still not shown enough passion for the game. Pondering his next move Stompa decided a break may be in order, and so he retreated back a place he had not visited in some time, a place that holds great importance to him. The Worlds Edge Mountains.

To the east of the Old World lies the ancient and impossibly high Worlds Edge Mountains. This snow-capped mountain range officially extends from the Nehekhara in the far south, up into the far north past Kislev, before branching west into Norsca. They separate the desolate Dark Lands in the east from the civilized lands of The Empire and Kislev in the west. Though the unbroken chain of mountains reaches into the Southlands from the Worlds Edge Mountains, the peaks south of the Nehekharan deserts are technically part of the Great Mountains chain. They are a prominent scene for many main events in the histories of the Dwarf, Orc and Goblin races.

They were also home to the most notorious Black Orc the old world had come across. Grimgor Ironhide

No one knows of Grimgor’s early history. He came from the east, staggering out the Blasted Wastes with an unknown number of grizzled, tired and hungry Black Orc bodyguards, now known to other Orcs as “Da Immortulz”. Upon entering the northern portion of the Worlds Edge Mountains he quickly took over the first tribes of Greenskins he came upon and within a month had carved out a small empire for himself. From there he set course on a campaign of destruction that the northern Worlds Edge Mountains had rarely seen in their history. It was quickly understood that Grimgor was no ordinary greenskin. His lust for battle was tremendous; always he looked for the heaviest fighting and the strongest opponent to test his skills upon. The first to feel Grimgor’s wrath were the Dwarfs of Karak Kadrin. In the many battles that followed, the Dwarfs witnessed defeat after defeat at the hands of Grimgor and his followers. Grimgor decided that he needed a base from which he could strike out at the world around him. He took up residence in the abandoned Dwarf hold of Karak Ungor, conquering the Night Goblin tribes who lived there. From Karak Ungor Grimgor could strike at the Dwarfs of the World Edge Mountains and the humans of Kislev and the Empire in the spring and summer. In the winter Grimgor would retire to the lower levels of the hold and fight the Skaven who tried to invade the fallen hold.

Before the coming of Grimgor, the upper levels of Karak Ungor was held by the Night Goblin tribe known as the Red Eyes. These Nightgoblin tribes would quickly succumb to the control of Grimgor Ironhide. After securing complete control of the mountain from the Dwarves and Skavens below Grimgor renamed Karak Ungor as Red Eye Mountain. Grimgor left mobs of Orcs to remain at Red Eye Mountain to prevent his latest stronghold falling into enemy hands.

Grimgor was searching for new challenges across the Worlds Edge Mountains when he noticed a familiar face fighting rats not far from Red Eye Mountain. Recognizing the Orc figure he ordered his men to aid in the battle. The Skaven fled. “We meet again, Old friend”, snarled Grimgor to the mysterious Orc. “Good to see you too” said Stompa to the Black Orc.

After a while of talking and sharing stories during each other’s absence Stompa had managed to persuaded Grimgor that he may have a new challenge for him.


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