The Red Eye Mountain tales (pt. 10)

Introducing the Squeeky Blinders

Season 11 was in full swing. The Red Eye Mountain Ladz were off to a slower start than they had hoped for. Having lost a Black Orc early on in the season (R.I.P) Lil’ Petey at that hands of that heinous Undead team coached by Leathyndra, they Ladz had managed to regroup and hire a new Black Orc in his place. Hercules would be the Greenskin who would have to fill Petey’s boots. There was 1 game the Ladz were pumped up for this season. That was their seasonal grudge match with the Dead Hornets Society. These wretched Skeletons have proven to be a thorn in coach Stompa’s side for some time now. But this year was going to be more intense than the last. After recently discovering the responsible parties for the hits on Chris JerichOrc were down to the Hornets themselves the Ladz didn’t need anymore motivation to take care of business.

Game day. The Ladz had to travel across the old world to this hideous stadium known as the Hornets nest. This place was enough to make you want to gouge your eyes out and feed them to your pet Squig. It was a real dump. Stompa was happy about playing in their back yard though. He wanted to take the fight to their house and show them what for. The game was well underway. The Orcs were holding nothing back. They intended to punish every last one of these annoying Skeletons. They were doing a good job of it too. Having sent a couple of them to the cas box to be put back together. The Hornets even had to call on an Apothecary at one point. The Ladz took the lead just before half time. ‘Hold the lines Ladz’ Stompa shouted at his boyz. He didn’t want to let them equalise. This was going to be a sweet victory. Then, the skeletons found a gap in the Orc defence, made their way down field into the Orcs half of the pitch. Stompa panicked a bit and ordered his Shaman to blast the ball carrying Skeletons out of existence. ‘WAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH’ yelled the Orc Shaman as he called upon the Orc gods Gork and Mork to lay waste to the Skeleton players. ‘KABOOOOOOOM’ a mighty fireball blasted the pitch. Stunning 1 of the Skeletons, knocking down another, and killing their star player. ‘Mwahahahhaha, take that you ‘orrible skeletons’ Stompa shouted down to the pitch. The ball was loose. All the Ladz had to do was retrieve it and victory was theirs. Just as Orc Blitzer T.O. was about to pounce on the loose ball a Black Orc attempted to beat him to the punch. ‘WOT YA DOIN’ YA THICK LUMP’ Stompa screamed at his Black Orc. As he attempted to retreive the ball he was tripped up by a pesky Skeleton. This gave the Skelly who had been knocked down by the fireball the chance to stand up, retrieve the ball, and run it in for a touchdown. Stompa was livid. That big dumb Blorc had just cost him the game. He marched out of the stadium, before the match was over. He couldn’t watch anymore.

Back at Red Eye Mountain the following day. Stompa was still angry about yesterdays events. He couldn’t get the visions of the Skelton fans celebrating like they’d won the game after conceding that late touchdown. Stompa didn’t want to be disturbed. Just then, a horde of Skaven rats approached Red Eye Mountain. These looked different, rather smartly dressed Rats. Slippin’ Jimmy ran to Stompa’s quarters to inform him he had company. The Orcs at the camp were ready for a fight, and so was Stompa. “Whoah whoah whoah, weese aint looking for no fighting” said the Rat at the front of the pack. “We bring news from yesterdays game”. Stompa allowed the Rat to speak, interested to hear what he had to say. “We were at the game yestarday yes, we be touting for business” said the Rat. “And we thinking we can offer you our services”. Stompa laughed. What could they possibly offer the Orcs? “Them stinky skeletons have out a hit out on your Shaman for killing their star player you see yes, they want him dead”. “But we can provide you a service, we offer protection you see yes”. “We can provide you with a hundred Rats to patrol your grounds and games to make sure nobody is there who shouldn’t be yes”. Stompa was intrigued. It might be an idea to let these Rats do the hard work and take some hits so he can concentrate on the rest of the season with the Ladz. “Ok then. You have a deal. Get ya men ready for next week, and if someone tries any funny business you deal with them, ya got it? Said Stompa to the head Rat. “Yes Mr Stompa sir, we’ll take care of business”. The Rat tipped his cap to the Orc coach and said “Your now under the protection of the Squeeky Blinders” and off they went.

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