The Red Eye Mountain tales (pt.3)

The Badlands, a desolate region of barren rock, arid plains and searing desert that stretches between the towering Worlds Edge Mountains and the shores of the Black Gulf. It is a land notorious for harboring the largest concentration of Greenskin tribes outside of the Darklands, as well as containing many degenerate remnants of fallen civilizations. Even without the inhospitable nature of its inhabitants, the Badlands are a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Countless tribes of Greenskins have called the Badlands home over the centuries. One Greenskin who now called this place home was Coach Stompa. Ever since he sailed into port on the Black Gulf with the Buccaneers, Stompa has used this place as a retreat and also play his games of Blood Bowl. Stompa was not often one to spend much of his time here. He preferred to be in the thick of the action. But nobody had seen or heard from Stompa for 48 hours. This was very out of character for the Orc. What was he doing? And why was he not communicating with anyone? Word got back to Grimgor Ironhide that the new coach of the Red Eye Mountain Ladz was taking a break from his duties. This angered the Black Orc. Stompa had been given clear instructions from Grimgor to get this new team of Orcs into the Challenge League of the MML. Grimgor wanted answers.

And so he sent a few of his Boyz over to Stompas camp, Eager to find out what had been doing for the past couple of days. The boyz headed over to Stompas hideout and without hesitation marched into his hideout. This threw Stompa off guard as he was clearly in the middle of something important. And with that he picked up the closest and heaviest object to hand, which happened to be a caged cave Squig, and hurled it towards the two Boyz in his doorway. One of them threw himself to the ground whilst the other was stupid enough to try and catch the cage but instead got knocked flying out of the shelter with the cage crashing down on top of him. “Wot iz you doin’ ‘ere” screamed Stompa at the grounded Orc. “Don’t ya know I got stuff to be doin’? The Orc Boy stood back to his feet and explained to Stompa that Grimgor had sent them to investigate the situation, and that he most displeased with the current lack of progress Stompa had made. Stompa marched out of his hut, barging the Orc out of his way to go and meet with Grimgor himself. That is when it became clear what Stompa had been doing. The Orc Boy saw plans in front of him. Maps of the Old World containing various other Blood Bowl stadiums situated around the MML. But why was this particular stadium marked with a big red ‘X’? What was Stompa planning? The Orc boy dashed out of the hut to catch up to Stompa to question his next move and what all this meant. As he got out of Stompa’s retreat he noticed his fellow Orc Boy laying on his back screaming in agony. It appears that whilst he tried to catch the caged Squig he got his foreman wedged between the bars. It was feeding time for the angry Squig.
Meanwhile, Stompa had come to the resting place of Grimgor Ironhide. His hut was not far from Stompas so it didn’t take the Orc coach long to reach. Grimgor was aniticipating the arrival of Stompa as he was keen for him to explain himself. Stompa marched into the Black Orcs shelter and began to explain his reasons for distancing himself. “I got a plan. As I’ve been around da MML for some time now I’ve learned a lot about dem coaches in it” Stompa told Grimgor. He sat with Grimgor and explained briefly asbout his dealings with them. Stompa informed Grimgor that in order to get the Ladz into the league they would need to remove another team from it. This excited the Black Orc. Stompa had been carefully weighing up his options here. He knew that there were certain teams that he could not afford to take out at this time. Some of these veteran teams had such a widespread fan base and following that trying to force them out would not go un- noticed by the rest of the league, and more importantly the Commissioner of the MML.

It needed to be one of the ‘Newer’ arrivals in the league. Stompa felt that as they were new to the league they would be the easiest ones to get rid of without drawing too much attention. Grimgor declared that he would provide Stompa the necessary tools to make it happen. Grimgor was not interested in how the job was going to get done, as long as the job was done. Stompa left with a small horde of Orc brutes and headed back to his shelter. Once back he carefuly went through the MML Challenge League fixtures to work out the best time to strike. An away game was coming up for his target against the Chaos Dwarf team of Madonatron V Shaniqua Bot. This was the perfect time to execute his plan as meant they would need to travel to and from the game. Stompa had a day to bring his Boyz up to speed with what their roles were before they had to set off.

Match day. Stompa had sent a bunch of his sneaky Grots to the game to keep an eye on current events. But more importantly they would communicate back with the Orc coach as to when the perfect time was to strike. Stompa had the perfect location organized. There was a small section of road that his prey would have to take to get back to where they came from. This road was dangerous, very hilly, and surrounded by pockets of Chaos Dwarf settlements. The Chaos Dwarfs did not concern Stompa at all. He knew what was at stake here. He knew what needed to be done. Just then a he noticed a distress flare fired into the sky in the distance, minutes later followed a second, and a third. This was it; his target was approaching the site. Stompa quickly went through the plan again, just in case any of the dumb Orcs had forgotten. “On my mark we iz gonna release dem squigs and they iz gonna run down the side of this hill and smash da bus off the side of that cliff” Stompa could see a bus approaching. A black bus with yellow stripes running down the side of it. It read ‘Hergig Hornets’ down the side. Here they come. “Alright Boyz, get ready”, but then, just as Stompa was about to order the release of the Squigs ………….……..BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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