The Red Eye Mountain tales (pt. 5)

Where ‘ave you been, and where’s da other one? Asked Stompa. The distressed Goblin looked at Stompa, he was a nervous wreck, still trembling from what he had seen. Then the little Grot announced some interesting news.“I saw ‘im, I saw the one who caused the crash ……………………………………
Stompa informed the little Grot that under no circumstances was he to reveal this information to anyone but him. Stompa demanded that this revelation was not to upset the momentous occasion of getting into the league and it would not stop the celebrations. Stompa asked the Goblin to take a walk with him. Away from the camp. Away from the overhearing ears of the other Orcs and Gobbo’s.

They took a walk through the derelict Badlands. Stompa didn’t want to travel too far. Just far enough to allow the Goblin to tell him every detail of what he had seen. The Grot told him everything, what happened, how it happened and most importantly WHO did it. Stompa was extremely grateful to have learnt this very useful piece of information. He knew exactly what to do with it and how to handle this situation. “So boss, what you gonna do? What happens neeeeeeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxtttttt …………………………………………….

Just then, before the grot could finish what he was saying he was launched into a deep pit in the middle of nowhere. This pit was deeper than the eye could see. Stompa knew there was no coming back from it for the little Gretchin. He was out of the picture. Stompa couldn’t afford for information of this magnitude to get out to anyone else. And there was no way he was about to let a blabbering Grot run around with this info.

Once Stompa returned to camp he retreated to his hideaway. And pondered his next move.  The following day Stompa gathered up a mob or Orcs to accompany him to deliver the news to Grimgor that his Ladz had been accepted into the Challenge League of the MML. Nobody questioned Stompas actions from the night before. They were all aware of the fact that the Goblin did not return with the Orc coach, and despite not being the brightest bunch of Orcs, it wasn’t too hard to figure out what had happened.

Upon arrival to the meeting point that Stompa and Grimgor often used the Orcs that accompanied Stompa made themselves scarce while Stompa and Grimgor could address the latest turn of events. Stompa informed Grimgor of the Ladz getting into the league. Grimgor was proud of Stompa. Not questioning the Orc coach as to how they got in, he just assumed that Stompa took it upon himself to do whatever needed to be done. Stompa made no efforts to put the Black Orc straight and instead took pleasure in Grimgors praise. Grimgor agreed to aid Stompa whilst he was overseeing the Ladz in the MML. And then they parted ways.

Once returning back to Stompa’s camp he was informed of another delivery note from the HQ of the MML. He opened the sealed envelope and pulled out a list of other Challenge League teams. This was the fixtures list for the Red Eye Mountain ladz. First up are the the Harmin’ Gobe Trollers. A fellow Orc team managed by the current MML champion and very respected LouLiz.

It was time to get to work. This was not going to be easy.

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  1. Just read all 5 parts. Great series developing here. Grimgor is an all time favourite WHFB character too.

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