The Red Eye Mountain tales (Pt.6) – The rise of the ELITE!

It was a dark and gloomy morning on Red Eye mountain. The Ladz were about to begin training for the new season, hoping for an improvement on last season’s performance. The Orc coach Stompa had completed his first season in the MML (Although it was only a half season due to the tragedy of the Hergig Hornets), it was still a steep learning curve for the Orc coach. He knew what areas needed more work and where to improve. Last season presented new challenges along the way and opened Stompa’s eyes to a whole new world of Blood Bowl. We are of course talking about the Challenge league of the MML. This was a cut throat place were everyone was willing to do whatever it took to make it into the prestigious Pro league. The Pro league was the big time. That was were everybody and their Grot wanted to be. The Pro league was a completely different level of coaches and teams. Within it were killer Nurgle teams, bashing Lizardman teams, super quick Skaven teams who could score in the blink of an eye, the lot. Although Stompa was always confident in the might of his Orcs, he was no fool. He knew he would need more time to better prepare his Ladz for this. As well as the help of the transfer market. Stompa’s main focus was naturally the teams within the Challenge league and more importantly the teams in his playpool for the upcoming season. Stompa is one of those curious Orc coaches. Always wanting to know what is going on everywhere ALL the time. He relies on vital information from his Boyz. Whilst he was not playing in the Pro league he needed it to be monitored. This meant he would need to delegate some Orcs to the task at hand. The Scout’s role would be to watch the teams, gather intel, All of this would be of significant importance to Stompa for when the time came to make his charge for the Pro league.

As the weeks passed, teams were making round the clock changes to strengthen their squads. Stompa took advantage of this situation himself and acquired the services of 2 experienced Blitzers. The first went by the name T.O. a Blitzer who had undergone intense training in the Farm. During which time he had developed his agility skills to a level above anyone currently on the Ladz roster. A trait that was very much needed within Stompas team. The other was a special player indeed. He goes by the name Jax. Much like his agile Farm partner T.O, Jax had also been trained extensively in the arts of becoming a more agile player. But there was more to Jax’s game. As well as being agile he was also stronger than other Blitzers. Jax trained with Black Orcs. He spent copious amounts of hours learning the secrets to their strength. This helped him become as strong as them. This meant he was able to go toe to toe with the likes of a Chaos Warrior or a Lizardman Saurus. Unfortunately for Stompa, Jax was forbidden from joining the Ladz this season so he would have to wait until the league permitted it. This will give him more time to perfect his skills and develop as a player in one of Stompa’s reserve teams.

This was it. The time had come. The new season of the MML Challenge league had been announced. The playpools were published. Everyone knew who they would be playing this season. Stompa called a meeting with his Ladz to announce to the team who they were up against and what he expected from them. “Rite boyz, dis is it. We gonna be up against a bunch of dem pointy eared fairies, a bag of slimey Skinks, a team of dem Skeletons, dem ‘orrible stunty Chaos Dorfs, and another bunch of Orcs dat like Trolls and Gobbo’s instead of da strength of Black Orcs”. After Stompa had given the team some background information about their opponents and what he would be looking to achieve he retreated to his hideout to rest and examine his playbook. The next morning was another dark and miserable day. Something the Orcs were becoming a custom too. The Orc coach was rudely awoken earlier than normal by a nervous looking Gobbo. The Gretchin was shaking and sweating, more than normal. He knew Stompa didn’t appreciate being disturbed but he had been given strict orders from a higher authority. The Gretchin regretfully notified Stompa that his presence was required back in the darkest parts of the Worlds Edge Mountains. The land controlled by the mightiest of Black Orcs. Grimgor Ironhide. It had been a while since their last rendezvous so Stompa was expecting to meet him soon anyway.  Stompa rallied the troops and set off for the Worlds Edge Mountains.

Becoming familiar with this journey, it was no longer as dangerous as it was previously. Stompa’s tribe of Boyz had developed a safer route to the heights of the Worlds Edge Mountains where Grimgor’s fortification was. As usual they ran into pockets of enemies, but this was nothing they couldn’t handle. A few rats from the nearby Skaven clans were nevergoing to trouble a horde of Orcs. They were soon beaten down and dealt with quickly, leaving the remaining survivors to retreat like cowards back into whatever hole they emerged from.

Upon arrival Stompa was greeted by a duo of Black Orcs. They were some fierce looking Black Orcs, loyal to their Warboss. “Get outta me way ya gitz, i knows where i’m going”. And so Stompa made his way towards Grimgors hut. As soon as he stepped foot inside he noticed a few familiar faces, it was some of his Orc boy scouts he’d sent out to monitor the Pro league of the MML. “Wot you doin’ up here, who sent you here? Asked an angry Orc coach. “They came to me with a concern” replied Grimgor, “They are doubting your methods of coaching. “Why you little…….” Stompa lunged towards the Boyz who had seemingly gone behind his back. Grimgor rose to his feet to confront the Orc coach. Grimgors expression on his face was enough to make Stompa take a step back. Not wanting to get into a confrontation with Grimgor Ironhide. Stompa questioned the situation. What had he done wrong? “It appears you’re getting left behind Stompa, teams ‘av evolved and you ain’t even seen it” Stompa was puzzled by this whole situation. What was he talking about? Stompa was a coach that liked to keep his eye on the ball. Grimgor demanded the Boyz show Stompa what they had discovered. “How is this possible? thought Stompa. He couldn’t beleive his eyes. Stompa had been shown footage of other Blood Bowl teams aligning themselves with other races for a common goal. Oomies and Chaos, Dorfs and Chaos Dorfs, Lizards and Rats. All playing side by side. Stompa was gobsmacked. How had he not seen this? And more importantly why had he not done anything about it? Grimgor gave the Orc coach a right drubbing. Demanding he up his game. After all, it was Grimgors reputation on the line with this team.

After some time Stompa exited Gringors fortification and was keen to return to the training camp. The scouts were ordered to return with Stompa to continue their work. Though Stompa was not happy about this arrangement, after all, they had just betrayed him, not a common trait within Greenskins, and certainly not one that would go unpunished. After gathering supplies Stompa and his mob headed back to their training ground. The Orcs were gifted the aid of a couple of Skaven rats to slug their supplies back to camp. The day had drawn to a close, and the night had begun to fall. Travelling at night was always riskier than travelling in daylight. The Orc coach didn’t give it a second thought. Stompa’s mind was on other things. He barely acknowledged the colour of the skies. And so they set off.

Nine kilometres from camp the gang heard screaming. It sounded like ‘Oomans. They took cover momentarily. When they saw 3 Peasants fleeing for their lives, though they were quickly mowed down by a ferocious Werewolf. This thing was a savage. Long matted hair, chunks of fur missing, bright yellow eyes. It was obviously feral. The Boyz told Stompa they had witnessed these creatures on the field in the Pro league. This got Stompa thinking. He sent the three Orc scouts and a grot to capture it. This was a win-win for Stompa. Either he captured the beast or the Greenskins got mauled in the process. He had been plotting their demise for most of the journey. The Werewolf made quick work of the Boyz with its razor sharp claws, then turned its attention to the rest of the mob. Stompa demanded his gang stay back. He wanted to deal with this monster himself. Just then the creature pounced toward the Orc coach who caught it by the throat and dealt it a clubbing blow, knocking out the Werewolf for the time being. “Put da chains on dat thing, i got a use for him”. They beast was taken back to camp and caged up until Stompa could find someone suitable to tame him.

The next day Stompa recalled his remaining scouts. He wanted information on every player in the league, strengths, weakness’, skills, everything. It was time to take the Red Eye Mountain name to the next level. Now was the time to combine the elite forces within the game of Blood Bowl. Have them work side by side for one goal. To reign supreme as the ultimate Blood Bowl team dominate the leagues like never before.


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