The Red Eye Mountain Tales (pt.8)

You just made the list!
Red Eye Mountain. North of the notorious Worlds Edge mountains. Home to the Red Eye Mountain Ladz.
The last season of the MML challenge league had barely finished, but preparations had already begun for the next. The Ladz were right on schedule with all their post season training. The scouts had found potential candidates to join their ranks. But one thing remained. Chris Jerichorc. Stompa had still not seen ‘The Lionheart’ in action alongside the other Ladz. Though everytime he arranged him to take the field he pulled him out. Why was this? What was Stompa thinking? Why wouldn’t he want his new signing out there running plays with the Ladz? The reason was simple. Everytime Stompa closed his eyes he could see the Shaman from the Kislev stadium where he first met Chris, and his words still ringing in his ears. “He’s marked”. What did the Shaman mean? Could he not trust his new Blitzer? There was only one way to find out.

Stompa arranged a game with a Halfling team named Athletic Bilbo. A seemingly pointless exercise for his Ladz. These were lined up as mere cannon fodder for the boyz, a distraction, a test. The Orc coach had a plan. Let the rest of Ladz run around punching halflings whilst he sat and observed. The teams lined up on the pitch. Kick off was seconds away. Just then Stompa’s assistant coach Bill Belichick noticed something about the 4 Blitzers on the field. Each one had the same name written on the back of their shirt. ‘JERICHORC’. Bill questioned Stompa as to what his reasoning was. Stompa smirked at Bill and replied ‘I need to put my mind at rest’.

Back to the game. The Orcs chose to receive the first half, hoping to smash all the Flings into the turf and be done with it. Just as the ball was punted into the air by the Halfling team a rock came flying in from the crowd. Its target? One of the 4 Blitzers. Was this a coincidence? First game with ‘JERICHORC’ on the field and a player with his name on his shirt gets carried off the pitch with a rock in his chest? Maybe. The matched continued. Halflings were getting thrown left, right, and centre. Running rings around the Orcs. Half time and the Flings had a 2-1 advantage.

“Who threw dat rock? Screemed Stompa at the Ladz. “Did any of you gits get a look at him? He asked. Silence in the locker room. Nobody saw anything. Stompa sent the ladz back out to the pitch. “Wot we gonna do about the game boss? asked Sorzla, the Thrower of the team. “I don’t care about the game, just get out there and finish da match”.

Second half was about to begin. It was the Halflings turn to receive.

Sorzla lined up the ball to kick it to the opposing team. What was this? As soon as the ball left the Orcs boot we had a pitch invasion. Mobs of hooded fans swarmed the pitch. But this was unlike any other pitch invasion. They took to the pitch with a purpose. To attack the ones with ‘JERICHORC’ written on their shirts. And they did a number on them. 2 of the 3 remaining Blitzers had to be removed from the pitch with the 3rd being stunned. Coincidence again? Absolutley not thought Stompa. Someone was after his new player. But who? And why?

The matched finished with the Halflings coming away with a victory. The Ladz walked back to the locker room with their heads low in shame. They’d just lost to Halflings. Once back in the locker room Stompa walked in. As he looked around he noticed a nervous look on everyones face, expecting to get a right grilling from the coach for their defeat. “Good work boyz” said Stompa and he left. The Orcs were surprised at his reaction but didn’t question him. As Stompa headed back to his office he was joined in the hallway by Chris Jerichorc. “Thanks for not putting me out there today, i could have been killed” said Chris. “Wot they want with you? Asked Stompa. Chris replied “I don’t know Boss, i’ve made enemies along the way. But i’ll find out who’s behind this. And when i do, they are going on The List !

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