The Return of The Legend

A hooded figure standing in the shadows watching the players in the Under the World League. He had stayed hidden since the owner of the Butts decided to trophy case the team. Fans blamed him for the Butts fate. Failing time and time again to produce a championship. They didnt care about the bowl game wins, or the consistent playoff appearances. He was a wanted man in the sewers. He had been watching and scouting players down here for a few seasons now. On top of his list, a player known as Umphf. A troll who scored TDs at will. He had never seen such intelligence. His sources told him the Challenge League would soon have an opening. With that knowledge he knew it was time. The recruiting must begin now and that troll was his first priority….



….Who knew his return would have been so glorious! He finished the season atop his division, but sadly, due to archaic rules his Legends were held out of the playoffs. Politics. Typical MML politics. But the coach was back on top. Just where a legend belongs. He worked on turning the troll into a dual threat. A killer AND a touchdown scoring machine. He found goblins with 2 heads and a big hand. He found Vermin with Claws!!! Sure nothing can replace his beloved Jiven’, but rats with extra arms helped.



He had kept his true identity hidden. But now that he had the approval of the fans, it was time to reveal himself…

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