The Sin of Ban

The Sin of Ban

by Alan Mittag


The crowd roared in support of The Seven Deadly Sins.  The ball was loose!  Meliodas was open!  It was going to be The Sins first touchdown in the Pros!

Then Meliodas charged an orc instead of waiting for the ball.  What?  Ban passively made his way down the pitch, hands in his pockets, not taking anything serious until the ball came to him, he was still a long way from the endzone. The whistle blew.  And once again, the Sins had squandered their chance to score.

I knew I had to get an interview with Meliodas and Ban, so after the game, I went to Meliodas’s tavern, Boar Hat, for the post game party.  When I arrived the crowd of customers were pouring out the front door.  “Run for your lives!”  One of them said, a husky human fellow who was cradling a broken arm.  “Run for your lives!”  The rest of the party seemed to be following his lead.

I could hear the destruction from all the way outside of the bar.  Bottles breaking, wood smashing, and the most peculiar laughing from two different sources.

I tucked my head inside the tavern as soon as there was enough room.  The bar was completely smashed.  Tables and chairs were thrown about the room.  And Ban came flying through the air to crash into the the doorway, taking a large chunk of it, and me, into the dirt outside the tavern.  Before I could say anything, Ban was back on his feet and charging inside.  There was a loud crack, like thunder.  And then everything fell silent.

I freed myself from the remains of the door and crept in.

Meliodas and Ban were lying flat on the floor on the tavern.

A few seconds passed.

“Still alive, Captain?”  Ban said.

“Yup.  How about you?”  Meliodas said.  “Oh that’s right, you can’t die.”

They both burst out laughing from their positions on the floor.

“I’ll get you next time,”  Ban said.

Meliodas climbed up to his feet as he said, “I’ll be waiting.”  Then he held down his hand and helped Ban up off the ground.  It was a funny sight, seeing a 13 year old kid helping a full grown man off the ground.

When Meliodas noticed me, he dusted himself off and said,  “Welcome to the Boar Hat.”

My hand was shaking as I pulled out my notebook.

“You want to know why we lost again?”  Meliodas said.

“Yes…  sir.”  I said.

“It’s his fault.”  Meliodas pointed at Ban, then mimicked Ban’s voice as he said, “C’mon Captain.  Let me get it.  I don’t have any SPP yet.”

“It was your decision, not mine.” Ban said. “That makes it your fault.”

Meliodas laughed as he said, “I guess it does.”

Both men laughed like they had just heard a joke.  Someone needed to remind them that they just lost two games in a row.

I said to Ban, “You didn’t seem to be going very fast.”

He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “I thought I had more time.”

The flat of my palm struck my forehead, again.

“So Alan,”  Meliodas said.  “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help clean up this place?”  A pair of yellow gloves landed at my feet.  When I looked at him, he was standing firm with his arms crossed.

I let out a simple sigh.  “Fine.”



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