The Sin of Dignity Part 3

The Sin of Dignity Part 3

by Alan Mittag

Coach Sestonn has called a meeting of the Press to make an announcement, which has me worried.  That’s something he hasn’t done since his days with The Cold Hard Truth.  For the last 2 years Coach Sestonn has allowed me, as Dignity’s Archivist, to let out any news that he wanted released.

What’s worse, is that none of the team came with him to this Press Conference except for me.  He told them to get back to training, told me to come with him, and then we were on our way.  I didn’t even have time to finish my breakfast.

So there I stood, locked shoulder to shoulder with a dozen other reporters, waiting for Coach Sestonn to come out and tell us what news brought us here.  The guy to my left needed a shower, and the one to my right needed two or three.  I guess living with High Elves for the last two years had spoiled me.  I wanted so badly to offer them both some #FreeSoap, and giggled at my own internal joke.  Both of them looked at me, but I just shrugged my shoulders.

Cheers erupted to my right side, and a moment later I saw Coach Sestonn walking up to the podium… escorted by three Chaos Warriors!  Coach Sestonn didn’t even look like he did this morning.  Somehow, he was a little broader of shoulder, his features seemed just a little sharper, and he wore a crimson red cape over heavy black armor.

“So here we are again,” Coach Sestonn said as he turned to face us.

The room went silent.

“There is only one thing that matters in this whole universe.” Coach Sestonn said.  “Yourself.  Not winning or losing.  Not who you kill or what friends you lose.  Yourself.  Only Yourself.  So I have decided to be true to myself.”

Hands shot up all around me.  Screams and Yells, questions from all around.

Coach Sestonn simultaneously snapped his fingers and pointed to one of the reporters, a thin woman with bright red lipstick, long dark hair, and pale alabaster skin. “You.”

The rest of us hushed as she said.  “Coach Sestonn, does this mean that you are leaving Dignity?”

“Leaving?  No.  I’m returning them to the farm for now.”

The reporter opened her mouth for a follow up question, but another reporter to her side pushed forward and yelled out his own.  “Dignity had two years in the playoffs….”

Coach Sestonn raised his hand, and the reporter went quiet.  “Come up here, boy.”

The reporter looked around the room and saw everyone taking a step back, giving him some space.  He slowly nodded and made his way to the podium.

When he got there he started with the same question, “Dignity has had two years….”

Coach Sestonn punched him in the face, steel gauntlet cracking teeth and bone as he was driven to the ground.  The crowd winced around me.  Coach Sestonn planted an armored boot on the man’s chest, and looked down at him.  “You think your voice is more important than hers?”

The man’s eyes flashed to the side, to the woman he had interrupted.

“If I wanted to hear your whiny, pathetic little voice I would have selected you.”

There was a crack from the man under his boot, and then a scream.

Coach Sestonn stepped off of him, and turned around.  The crowd around me drew in a collective sigh of relief.  They, like me, had been holding their breath.  His scream died down.

Coach Sestonn eyed one of his Chaos Warrior escorts, and his voice cut through the silence.  “Kill him.”

Eyes went wide across the whole room.  The man on the ground tried to push himself away as the warrior made his way to him, every step a metallic drumbeat across the silence.

Coach Sestonn pointed back to the woman reporter and said, “What were you saying, my Dear?”

The heavy boot of the Chaos Warrior smashed down on the man’s chest.  The woman reporter screamed.  The rest of the room screamed.  Everyone started pushing back towards the exit and I was shoved to the ground.  Steps fell all over and around me in their hurry to escape.  I took a knee to the head when I tried to stand, so instead I did my best to curl up in a ball and wait until it was safe.

A few seconds passed, and when I opened my eyes to look around, Coach Sestonn was standing over me, his hand reaching down.  “We need to leave before the Reiksgaurd get here.”

I clasped his hand, cold steel, and he lifted me to my feet.  With a pat on the back, Coach Sestonn said, “Welcome to The Seven Deadly Sins, Archivist.”


  1. Looks like Alan’s life is a slow descent to hell… One thing is sure, Sestonn knows hoq to behave to make his players loving him, I guess that’s a great management skill… Unless you’re a reporter!

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