The Sin of Serenity

The Sin of Serenity

by Alan Mittag

The forest was beautiful.  The sun shined through spots of the overhead canopy, illuminating the party grounds where nearly one hundred half naked elves and humans were dancing and singing.  It was the Season Opening Party for the Circle of Happy Serenity, and despite not getting an invitation, The Seven Deadly Sins were gathered to participate.

Once we were spotted, the music and dancing came to abrupt halt.  Eyes danced around each other until a middle aged Wood Elf stepped out of the crowd and up to Coach Sestonn and his new team.  “Coach Sestonn”, he said, he voice a little quiet.  He swallowed between words.  “We…  didn’t know that you were coming.”

“We ARE in the Pros now,”  Coach Sestonn said.  “And as a representative of The Circle of Happy Serenity, we thought your party could use a little more sin.”

A dark elf from the party said, “Let them in.”

A wood elf woman shook her head, “No way!  Not after what happened at that press release!”

The middle aged elf nodded his head.  “After that press conference, we really can’t be seen with you.”

Coach Sestonn said, “What?  You guys know that was fake, right?  He was an actor!”

Hushed words scrambled about the party goers.

The middle aged elf said,  “Really?  It looked real on Cabalvision.”

“Of course it did,”  Coach Sestonn said.  “That’s the point of hiring a professional actor.”

“I guess that’s true,”  The elf said, scratching at his chin.

“Let them in,” The same dark elf said, turning it into a chant.  “Let them in.  Let them in.  Let them in.”

Others joined the chant, mostly dark elves and humans at first, but others followed.

“Very well,”  the middle aged elf said.  “Welcome to the Season 6 Opening Party of Happy Serenity.”

Coach Sestonn and The Seven Deadly Sins made their way in, stripping their armor, weapons, and most of their clothes.

—– —– —–

Meanwhile, in Altdorf

Hundreds were gathered to say goodbye to one of their favorite sports reporters….

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