The Son´s are comming

A meeting was convened …..





All Son´s of Ragnaros are there but not Terrible Terry Tate.



Steve’The Imortal ‘Jones: Where the hell is Terry ???

Stunning Steve: I think he’s still working on his Job in the Office.

SJ: Why everyone knew that we called this meeting. It’s time the Cl s10 starts soon and we just need to be there.

First we need a coach. Any ideas ???

Psycho Sid: We’re forcing him to be quite simple, I’ve got some arguments, either he’ll be able to enter or die.

SJ: Good idea Sid and whom should we claws? any ideas ?

Big Willy: There is an Elfen Coach from the Longbomb Carpenters who had ne catastrophic session and none will miss him.

SJ: Well so we have a plan we grab him after the last game of the session and Terry does regulate with the registration in vain he works in the MML
Headquarter in the registry. Bret you go over and tell Terry about our plan.

Bret’The Mashine ‘Jones: I’m on the way. In the meantime, you can find a good place where you can grab Stolzi.




MML Headquarter Resgistration Office


Terry goes after his work. A loud rumbling scream. Terry gave a goblin a big hit putt and now stands bobbled over him.

Terry Tate: Wooo! You know you can not bring this bad ass stuff up in this humpy-bumpy!
You kill the joe, you make some mo ‘! You know that baby!
Else you in for a long day, a long day! Coz Triple T’s up in this biiiitch!

Bret enters the office.

BTMJ: Hey Terry it’s so far we have a plan.

TTT: Whoo-baby-yeah!

BTMJ:  We grab the lousy Elfencoach after his last game. And you go to your boss and rule with the registration for us.. all clear?

TTT: Get ready for the pain Man. The pain train’s comin ‘. Woo-woo! Woo-woo!




To be Continued

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