The Story of Mr Tickle and the Passing Nurgle

It was a warm sunny morning. In his bedroom in the Mr Men house Mr Tickle was asleep. You didn’t know there was such a thing as a Mr Tickle did you? – Well there is. He is large and blob-like and is one of the Mr Men. He has tentacles that stretch and stretch. He uses the tentacles to hold others in place so that other Mr Men can pass the ball without fear of being interupted. Mr Men love to pass the ball, you see! Mr Tickle is not very good at passing the ball but other Mr Men are glad that Mr Tickle can help them. Passing the ball is what they most like to do!

Mr Tickle was having a dream. It must have been a very funny dream because it made him laugh out loud, and that woke him up. Mr Tickle looked out of his window and thought today, very much, looks like tickling day, so Mr Tickle got up. Mr Tickle wandered through the house with his eyes very wide open, looking for someone to tickle. Looking for anyone to tickle. If there was one thing Mr Tickle liked almost as much as trying to pass the ball it was tickling people.

Eventually Mr Tickle came to the kitchen. In the kitchen was Mr Greedy. Mr Greedy was eating cookies. A lot of cookies. Mr Greedy was very Greedy. Mr Tickle chuckled to himself and reached into the kitchen with his tentacles and tickled Mr Greedy on the back of his neck, before withdrawing his tentacles, very quickly. Mr Greedy laughed out loud and spat his cookies all over the floor. Mr Greedy turned around very quickly to see who was there. But nobody was there. Mr Tickle was hiding, which was not very easy as he was the largest of the Mr Men.

Mr Greedy was very greedy but not very stupid. He thought it might be Mr Tickle. So he called out. “Is that you Mr Tickle? Stop tickling me there is Blood Bowl to be played!” Mr Tickle looked into the kitchen asking,  “Do I get to pass the ball today? We could take it in turns?” Mr Greedy was very greedy and liked to try to pass the ball himself. As a Nurgle Warrior he was also not very good at passing the ball either. Not very good at all.

“No,” said Mr Greedy. “I will pass the ball today and let’s see any of the other Mr Men try and stop me!”

Mr Tickle didn’t like that at all, thinking he could stop Mr Greedy, so he reached back into the kitchen and tickled Mr Greedy on the back of his neck until Mr Greedy couldn’t do anything but laugh and laugh and laugh. Mr Tickle laughed too. And neither of them got to pass the ball that day…..


  1. This made me laugh out loud whilst reading it 🙂 not the fake lol to indicate you found something remotely amusing or if you can’t think of anything better to type but proper laugh out loud. Bravo Sir Bravo

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