The Tide is out…

Another loss in the playoffs for the Titans (although at least it was the semis!), but this time Coach Thunden didn’t seem as despondent as usual… In fact, this reporter could have sworn he saw a smirk on the face of the unusually chilled coach. The Titans fell in the semi finals to the eventual champions of the Challenge League, the Earthshacker Cannons coached by the new sensation, Evuccifer. 


I managed to catch up with Coach Thunden, and I was keen on figuring out exactly what he was smirking about. For once he was rather verbal and had the following to say, 


“Of course we’re gutted not to have made the finals against the Power Hour… it was the match up that all the fans wanted! Two old powers slugging it out with each other. Coach Shots and I would have had many a bottle on the sidelines as our teams tore chunks out of each other. However it was not to be and kudos to Evuccifer on his achievement… who knows maybe I’ll see him in the Pros some time!”


Ah ha…! He had let slip a tidbit I had not heard as yet… The Titans were in the pros after all next season. I proceeded to ask Thunden about his rather unusual bonhomie…


“Derek, you’ve known me long enough. Did you not listen to me at the start of the season? I’ve got one goal. The boys came and got me for one reason. We’re taking our name back. It’s time to put up or shut up for these despicable Taurawna Thieves. I’ll let you know here and now… The Titans will be using the same boat the BCPH did when they came to play us in the East, we’ll be playing in the Noble South – we’ve facilitated the transfer and we’ll be coming in hot!!!! Gorbags back – did you see him collect the most td trophy again? That’s even with him providing two assists to Robshank!!! You go and let Coach Momo know… the Green Tide Titans will be in town next season… accept no substitutes!!!!!”


Coach Thunden in the West?!?! The mind boggled… he had always been a fierce defender of the virtues of the East particularly when the slings and accusations of Coach Preach were flung across the oceans mocking the ‘Pillowfighters’!!! I wondered if the West would be ready for the Titans, then I recalled the monsters that live out there… The Titans will not only be sharing their conference with the Thieves, but also with the legendary Morningstars, the BCPH, the Necromantics, the twin monstrous Khemri teams even the Misfits were no slouches. They would be in good company.


I asked him how the team was feeling about the upcoming big move…


“Focussed. The guys were the ones who came to get me. We’re doing this for Big Mo and for all of those who’ve ever watched a Titans game. We won’t allow our good name to be sullied anymore by the chorf menace. We’re going to put them out of commission… We also have to do it for a new reason after our semi final. Our friend and original Titan, Ripper Wahrd came from the field with his armour rent and torn. He’s in no shape to continue the fight, we’ll be keeping him in and around the team though… it’s important to us all to leave noone behind. However we have also found a suitable orc to replace him next season. One who is in great shape and should finally be able to keep Gorbag company. We’ve managed to recruit thee mighty Trahar from the farms of the Yobz. We’ll have to juggle some things around to fit him in with the TV Cap but I’m on that and I won’t be making the same mistake I made with the Widowmakers!”


With that Coach Thunden headed off to what I can only assume was to pack!

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