The Time Is Now

Confusion wasn’t a word I associated myself with but what on earth was going on, the guys where preparing for there game tomorrow when I was informed it would kick off later this evening. I couldn’t get hold of the boss at all what I thought was odd but there it was the official invitation ticket with time date and everything. Luckily having a pack of werewolves lodgers has its benefits and they helped the not so quick cowboys get their gear into the vans. Plague Storm took offence to this he was a freak of nature in a good way he could move as fast as any of the pack and had already saved the bacon of the cowboys last three games with his speed getting them late touchdowns. I don’t like this steve why the sudden change in date and time this was the day Thundens Weeping Widowmakers represented the #4Horsemen.

Just then Kru Michaels entered and spoke, Bernie huge orc ambush a mile ahead they are waiting for us its a trap! Lets meet them head on Bernie I love a good scrap, Rez started shadow boxing with excitement. No Rez I need my guys fresh for there game and I don’t want you guys getting into a scrap your on security detail I need you in the stadium its an away game and who knows what else the orcs might try and pull. Rez sank with sadness while Gerd Michaels who never seemed to leave Bernies side nodded in approval, but how are we going to get past them there is only one way in and one way out said Ramjet.

That where he comes in, Bernie pointed to a short stubby little guy who was picking his nose and eating his bogeys. Everyone looked at the the little guy with faces of disgust the little guy studied there faces and then broke his silence you want some I got plenty he extended his hand out what was full of bogeys the wolves starting borking with disgust but closeness wasn’t bothered the big Nurgle warrior grabbed the lot and devoured them all. Let me introduce myself my name is Heinz Franklin Mcsploring and I’m a portal master of the realm I can take you guys anywhere for a cost. Mcsploring told them luckily for you I’m on retainer thanks to your boss so it wont cost you a pretty penny and he has told me to make you a pre match spread to get you ready for the upcoming match.

They headed to the dining room and before Bernie actually got in there he could hear howls of delight and even the Nurgle crew seemed delighted plague storm whizzed past with food in his jaws and his claws rammed with what looked like well it cannot be can it have we hit the jackpot even felt myself speeding up. I entered the room it was a banquet of Bacon, rashers and rashers of Bacon, Back Bacon Smoked Bacon, nurgle tainted green bacon, even gammon. He felt something dripping onto his shoulders he looked around and saw Gerd jaws dripping with saliva. Go on Gerd tuck in mate you can protect me afterwards we chuckled and sat down and filled our face full of bacon.

What a great bit of training before the match the team looked in great spirits and after a couple of hours of eating bacon the team was ready to be magically whizzed off to The Pumpkin Pitch to face the greenskin in the play offs. They arrived there and took a look around the place it was a bit of a ramshack to be honest but it wasn’t the first run down stadium they have played in. Right to business Mcsplorin we might be needing your wizarding skills tonight if we cannot get hold of any of those babes we been after for I don’t know since the season had started. Rez you go on riot duty and get the crowd whipped up into killing the greenskins and Steve you get them dignity rocks ready to throw. Kru search the area for any tripwires or anything else underhanded going on and Gerd you stick by my side as always just in case they have hired an assassin. Okay guys lets get to work lets go COWBOYS!!!!

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