The Tip Off

Three down one to go boys this ones the real deal Hornets coach Brun Kurneg stood in front of his players turned and pointed to the tactics board behind him that had a crumpled poster of orc wannabe Jeriorcho, the future Red Eye Mountain Lad had been a target for the Hornets ever since they’d received an anonymous letter that read the real culprits behind the Hornets tragic coach accident was in fact coach stompa the letter simply stated  It Was Stompa and contained a red rose petal.

The hornets wanted retribution and chose to ignore the official channels they’d been down that road before, no they’d sort this themselves and the main target they identified was the transfer target stompa thought would help his failing team Jeriorcho.

Stompa had been clever and hired three doppelgangers to act as a decoy bit they’d been dealt with and now the real target remained. Brun turned back to his players “we’ll boys this is what were gonna do….”

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