The Unquick and the Dead

LEAGUE OFFICE – A mysterious coach, Thunden, saunters into the MML looking for revenge. His neighbor was killed by the town’s sadistic barber, who is in the midst of organizing a quick-draw tournament…wait…that’s an entirely different tournament…The Undead are here! Let the shambling around on the pitch begin!!



The Unquick and the Dead

  • Open to NEW Undead teams only.
  • Slots are limited to the first 16 teams to sign up.

Special Rules:

  • NEW Undead teams only.
  • Burial Expenses: Due to the expense to exhume all the players from the grave for this tournament. Teams can not have more than 100k in gold at any given point.


  • The team will receive 10 bTV to apply towards status.*
  • The winning team will be allowed to register for play using the *  instead of the * provided they meet all other rules and remain under the maximum amount of games (see below) for the they are registering for.**

To Register:

  • In-Game, navigate to Join League and select Multiplayer League.
  • Search for “MML Charity Tournaments”
  • Select “The Unquick and the Dead” and click join.

* See Rules & Regulations for bTV, and Cap. This bonus applies only to this team, not to the .

** The winning team must not have played more games than 4 times the they are registering for. For example; if the winning team wishes to register for 4, they must ensure they have not played more than 16 total games (4*). This is to ensure that the winning team does not by-pass the current Pro teams in total games played. The winning team can play less, but not more.