The Vampyre Cometh

“Hark when how moon and miste do cowl,

And wolves within their dens doth howl,

And kindred sporte is drenched in spyte,

The kings of death doth don their spikes!


Whose footsteps cause thy men to flight,

Those draped in squares of blacke and white,

With capes of nyght hung from their backs,

Doth now descend on fields of blacke!


Face not the beasts from east Sylvain,

They do not see this as a game,

But just as sport, their time to kill,

An excuse for blood to spill!


Such evil thou can not contayn,

Thus when the field is theirs again,

Pray not for mercy, save thy breath!

Pray instead for a quick death!


From Nuffle’s darkest dreams they dwell!

The Vampyre cometh! Sound the bell!”

-Warning found carved into the back of Schruber, ex-Star Blitzer of the Nuln Oilers.

(Story written by and published on behalf of Twelfman.)



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