The Vermilion Vanquishers

As a bevy of High Elf nobles finished a long and bloody campaign in the olde world, they found themselves suffocated by boredom. What better way to keep their swords and wits keen than to hunt the foul denizens of the land. Many fantastical and diabolical creatures were felled one after the other, and much fine wine was consumed in celebration. They became known as the Vermillion Vanquishers, or ‘Red Princes of Ruin’ by the simple village folk. However, in time they grew bored of the hunt. Or as rumor suggests they just ran out of wine and gold.

Returning to Ulthuan, they once again sought out entertainment to fill their days. Chance had it that a recent opening in the Caledor provinces Blood Bowl circuit reached their pointy ears, which sent teams to compete in the MML. The short lived spell of last seasons entry, the Arc Striders, had caused quite the embarrassment. With the ugly death of a rising star thrower, and several key players suffering career ending injuries. The elven movers and shakers were keen to get a team back in the MML Challenge League and restore some pride. The Red Princes carried a few wounded in their number, but of course they could still play better than any other race. The nobles had often played the game on campaign to wind down, and they were no stranger to brutal carnage.

The first few practice games were of course disastrous, but a high elf never admits to such things. However, a brief spike of improvement was enough for the powers that be to grant the pretentious princes a chance. A few of them were even starting to enjoy the roar of the crowd, and leaving a dwarf or two in a swirl of dust. Plus there was the not so inconsequential business of avenging the Arc Striders, who themselves had started to (ever so slowly) rebuild.

It did however come as quite a surprise to learn they had inherited the coach of the ill fated Arc Striders. The half elf, Coach Cav. Who had last been seen retreating to his elven mansion midway through season 11 in a fit of salt encrusted rage. Leaving the Arc Striders with no coach and half the team dead or almost dead. Many herbal teas later, and lessons in cage diving, the coach was green lighted to return to the fray.

The Vermilion Vanquishers were not keen. Several players refused to turn up for training, and were found secretly writing begging letters to be transferred to the Divas, High Wings, and Carpenters. One even said he would play for the orcs, but was later found out to be an actual orc water boy dressed in stolen Vanquisher kit. One lineman was even found throwing crates of tea into the Sea of Dusk. Rude.

Hushed whispers talk of a midnight deal including Bloodweiser babes, a back street tavern, and a fake dragons egg. Either way, the Vanquishers suddenly had a change of spirit, and began enthusiastically training again ready for their season 12 debut. Elven bookies stopped taking bets on Thrower deaths after witnessing several failed cage dives in training, and Coach Cav changed the lock on his tea storage daily. But in general, the Vanquishers were ready to try and play the beautiful game.

But could the ghost of season 11 be put to rest?…

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