The Walking Dead Reanimated – The Origin


Hi everyone!

Its Ergo Census here again, today we meet coach Fnords in his atmospheric castle to discuss with him about his new undead team. Where did they come from and who are these dead players?

So from this humble reporter to you here’s the uncensored interview. Enjoy!

(Ergo) “So first Fnords I’ll like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, as I understand it you’re in the last phase of preparation before the season start in the Challenge League, you’re quite fresh as a coach for a Blood Bowl team it must be hard to coach a bunch of dead players, what’s the biggest challenge?”

(Fnords) “Well thank you for having me. Yes as you said this is my first attempt to coach a team in a bigger tournament, I have of course dabbled in the sport before. I’m after all a noble vampire of over 700 years of age.”

Coach Fnords stretches his arms out in a dramatic gesture and makes an eloquent bow showing that he’s a creature of distinction in more than one way

(Fnords) “But back to your question, the biggest problem undead coaches’ face is feeding their players. I don’t really have that problem; I just leave them the corpses of the feeble creatures I have drained. Sometimes I leave them to rot for some time before doing so, but that’s only for special occasions.”

(Ergo) “Ehh… yeah I guess that’s one way to do it, well who am I to judge, I once knew a troll that snacked on the toes of his goblin teammates before matches for good luck, very supersites creatures trolls.”

(Ergo) “Well let’s continue, how come you started coaching WDR? You don’t look like you need the money if you don’t mind me saying so.”

(Fnords) “Well thank you, I always try to dress appropriate, I mean us vampires have a reputation to uphold after all.”

(Fnords) “It started many years back, getting hard to remember but I think it was 150 years ago that I had a guest living here, a mad sorcerer named Hum Booltix. This man was truly insane in a good way, always experimenting with some spell or other. One day I came went up to the spire where I housed him to invite him to a party I was throwing and he had constructed the weirdest contraption I had ever seen. All around the spires are stone gargoyles and connected to these were long lines of some unknown origin. I made it a thing never to ask these mad sorceresses were the things come from. Well anyways these lines all combine to form the frame of a thing I can only describe as a portal.”

(Ergo) “A portal you say, it sounds ominous, I’ve heard quite a few tells told of those things doing all kinds of… shall we say… unexpected thing. If you don’t mind me asking why would you permit such as thing to be constructed in your castle?”

At this point coach Fnords smiled a broad smile showing his white and razor-sharp teeth. This reporter must confess that his heart skipped a beat

(Fnords) “Oh but for the entertainment of course, try living for over 700 years and you’ll see that life gets rather drab if you don’t try to spice things up now and then.”

(Fnords) “I believe we were speaking about the portal. Well I didn’t think much about it for a while. Booltix accepted my invitation to the party and we all went down to the great hall to celebrate my good friend Toker the First and Last’s 100 years of complete autocracy, quite an accomplishment considering he rules over a bunch or unruly orcs trying to kill him at every chance they get.”

Coach Fnords chuckles to himself as if he’s remembering something from a time long gone

(Fnords) “Well long story made a bit shorter, Booltix took a bad fall one night when trying to conjure demons from the moon and the portal fell out of sight and out of mind… until one day.”

(Ergo)”What happened, both I and my readers need are dying… maybe a bad choice of words… anyways what happened?”

(Fnords) “Oh one day I found a wight wandering my corridors and I asked it where it came from, it pointed me in the direction of the portal. That’s how I meet the Governor. We made fast friends and he really added some atmosphere to my castle so I let him stay. We stayed up many late nights and conversed and the world he described to me was foreign and exciting, never in my 700 years had I heard anything like it, people going up in the air in great dragons of metal to mention one thing. We both concluded that his world was not this one and the portal must have acted like a conduit between our respective worlds.”

Your favorite reported was stunned but managed to maintain enough professionalism to ask the follow-up question we all are wondering about

(Ergo) “That’s amazing I never heard anything like it. What happened next?”

(Fnords) “Amazing it was indeed, for the first time in over 200 years I finally felt like I hadn’t seen all there was to see, I was exhilarated. The wonders didn’t stop there, one after another more creatures emerged from the portal. Mummies showed up and they proved to be quite proficient door guards, ghouls arrived to cater to my needs, running around fetching things and adding some activity to my otherwise tranquil domain. Then came zombies and skeletons and while they might not look it they are great conversationalists. All had stories to tell and they had all died in various gruesome ways, quite fascinating and a great story to tell at a party. Last came another wight names Negan, there seemed to be some bad blood there but we worked it out.”

(Ergo) “What a story, how come you decided to form a Blood Bowl team?”

(Fnords) “Well they were all living at my castle and still di might I add, it’s very hard to find good staff and I’m not letting them out of my sight. After a while however they started getting restless and I had to look for some activity to keep them occupied. Blood Bowl has always been a passion of mine and I talked to the guys and we all agreed we should try it. We formed a team and I built my own field out back. I brought in some professional help to get the players up to speed on the game and its ins and outs and we’ve been playing ever since. It’s really improved morale and having a goal to work towards has made the players even stronger, they are really a team to watch this competition.”

(Ergo) “Well look at the time, this reported has places to be and I just have to get this amazing story to my editor. Do you think we can pick this up at another time, I’m sure the readers would love to get some player profiles of your team?”

(Fnords) “Of course, all I have is time. Will talk to the team and see when they are available for an interview.”

(Ergo) “Until next time then coach Fnords, it’s been a pleasure”


  1. I must say, as the coach of the first Walking Dead-themed team in the MML, The Blocking Dead, I usually hate any other Walking Dead-themed team. However, you’ve done a great job with this story (especially casting yourself as a vampire; no other coach has done that before). Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Late to the party as I catch up on my MML news feed. Well done, Fjords! I look forward to more stories!

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