They’re in de Nile

Some construction has been going on at the UFOs’ Landing Pad stadium. It appears that they’re putting the finishing touches on a weather dome. The new signage going up says, “Ziggurat, home of ‘de Nile’ MML blood bowl team. Who is this de Nile? We sent reporter Bort Boaring to find out.

The official statement from the UFOs was that the numerous deaths and casualties has caused them to retire their team to the trophy case and release some players to the market and Blitz league. One such player is Yuri Gagarin, a stand out lineman/thrower, who is being transferred to the Slann Seers. The stadium is being rented to the new team de Nile. This is, also, the home of the Aztec Gold.

So who are de Nile? Are the lizardmen returning under a new name? Through some digging around the new Ziggurat stadium, i found that the cemetery nearby has been disturbed by grave robbers. What pray tell has been going on here. There has been a lot of strange goings on here since the UFOs arrived, like missing reporter/apo, John Slicer, flying ships, and strange lights & sounds.

Other than the new team is called ‘de Nile’, they have been a mystery. Then one night, I got a tip from an old contact, Punk, brother to missing snotling sketch artist Graff. He said there was a lot of unusual lights and sounds going on at the Ziggurat. I went to the stadium immediately, and on arrival, i can see and hear this metallic ship lit up in the middle of the pitch giving off an occasional lightning bolt.

Then everything gets quite. Next an opening on the ship appears with a ramp extending down from it. Now I see a row of skeletons followed by four huge bandaged wrapped monstrosities marching down the ramp and into the locker room entry.  Montezuma, Montezuma, I almost shouted, as I see him come out the ships opening and continue into the locker room. I was so shaken, that I had no intention of following them, because of the story I heard about reporter John Slicer. This may be a clue to who the new team is, so I will keep an ear to the ground for who may be in de Nile.

This is your beastman reporter on the pitch, Bort  Boaring.

See stories on UFOs team  for background information.

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