Three wins in a row – Reakers approach play-off ranks!

The Reakers seem to be back in business after three hard-fought wins in a row. At matchday three, they defeated Haughty By Nature in the bottom matchup of the playpool thanks to a last-minute touchdown of Vyburn Windwheel. Paradigm Shift was the opponent at matchday four. After a touchdown festival, the Reakers were able to get a 3-2 win and again Windwheel could score an important touchdown.

On matchday five, the Reakers could beat the Cadaver Robbers 3-2 but they had to pay in blood for that win. The second Shenanigan brother Fyr followed his brother Myr who died last season to the Graveyard. Unfortunately, also the last Shenanigan brother Tyr suffered a fractured skull and he will miss at least the next game. Currently, the doctors try to get him fit for the last matchday but predictions are bad and he might need to retire. His retirement could also end the Shenanigans Blood Bowl Dynasty but there are rumours that the family have some female members that might join the Reakers soon.

Despite that tragic loss, it seems that Vyburn Windwheel have now found his role in the team. Instead of trying to get everything done on his own, he uses his experience to let some young players take a step in the spotlight.

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