Thrones head coach, “We must be ice cold in semifinal.”

We are very excited to bring you our exclusive interview with coach JokerTheFourth.
We finally caught the Season 1 championship coach, as he is preparing his team for the Season 2 MML playoffs.

Q: The semifinal match against the Green Tide Titans will be played on the 25th of March (around 8pm GMT). Why can’t you play the game before?
A: First off all one nice greeting to all my fans! Look, both teams agreed to play it on 25 March and that’s it! We think the coach of Green Tide Titans went to Australia in search of a recipe on how to overcome the Thrones… (Hahaha), I hope he survives all the nasty animals in there. And I’m just waiting, drinking and having fun with the team this week… But the next week we begin with our preparations on how to beat the Titans, with beer of course!!!

Q: So the match will be played on 25 March. Could we see semifinal and final on the same day?
A: Maybe, that’s not my worry at this time, first we must win the semifinal. And when we do that, then we can arrange our date for finals…

Q: We have INFO that you as a coach haven’t beat thunden yet, but he manage to beat you once in some friendly match. What do you say about that?
A: Look it was a FRIENDLY match, so it doesn’t count!!!

Q: Okeeeey, so if we look at the league table, we can see Thrones are in great winning streak. Can the team continue in this series and bring the season 2 title back home for the second season in a row?
A: We definitely will be the big contender for the title. We are hungry for trophies and we’ll continue collecting them!!!

Q: If we again bring some stats in front of us we can see that this will be huge semifinal, both teams have tremendous TV and if we look at the all time Pro team records we can see this will be match between #1 and #2 team playing [The Frozen Thrones 10-0-1]vs[The Green Tide Titans 7-3-2]. Tell us something about that
and what do you think the result will be?
A: As you said this will be huge match with two bashy teams. I can just say the game can turn both ways and i think we could see a overtime. I respect thunden as a coach of the Titans and hope for an epic match…

Q: Can Titans score a TD?
A: Maybe one…

Q: Will you have any special tactics for that match?
A: For now, let this be a mystery. I can only say that we hope to score as many TDs as we can!!!

Thank you for talking to us and good luck in playoffs!
All MML fans don’t miss this epic battle between Thrones VS Titans on 25 March!!!