Tide Looking For Shock Win In the Semis


In an unprecedented move this week, famed orc team The Green Tide Titans took their semi-finals training camp on the road to Merthyr.

Reportedly angering both orc and dwarf fans alike the Shock’n’Ore have played host to the Titans in the run up to the semis, giving them some last minute practice against vertically challenged opposition.

Interviewed at the antipodean training camp, Coach Thunden had this to say:

“I hate dorfs an’ their stupid little beards an’ their poncy craft beers, but it’s a means to an ends innit? Look, we ain’t ‘ere on our bloody holidays you know, we’re ‘ere beatin’ on some dorfs in preparation for beatin’ on some more dorfs. Those other high an’ mighty ooo-look-at-me-wiv-me-shiny-trophy-cabinet-dorfs, poncing around finking they own the place.”


After a season that has led some pundits to call the Frozen Thrones ‘unbeatable’, we asked Thunden how he thought they’d fare.

“We’re goin’ into this game as underdogs, but that don’t bover us; we beat ‘em once an’ we can do it again. The fing about dogs… is that they bite”.


Fighting words!

Before we left The Shockers’ state of the art training facility we caught up with Coach Shakytumbleweed, to ask how this fell arrangement came about.

“It was a close run thing. Through the ages, countless lives have been lost defending our borders against the likes of them.  We each take an oath here in Merthyr when we come of age, that we will never let the hoards into our lands unchecked. But then you get approached by an agent with a proposition; help the Titans beat the Thrones…”

“It’s a difficult one. On the one hand the greenskins *spits* are scum, sworn enemies of our people; but on the other hand The Book of Grudges demanded a reckoning for our humiliating loss against the Thrones.”

“I may need to join the slayers for breaking my oath and letting the green skins in *spits*, but that will be a small price to pay if it means we start balancing The Book.”


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