Titans announce Season of Mourning…

In a scrawled letter the Titans have made clear their intentions after the shocking events of yesterday which saw veteran Troll and local well loved drooler, Big MO shockingly murdered at a post season news conference. Sources claim that a crossbow was the weapon that finished the poor Troll, who had weathered 6 seasons, in the dirt.

The Titans team have been awol since that occurrence, pausing only to bury their fallen comrade.

The note reads as follows,

“Titans will play bowl game to honour Big Mo. We mourn Mo next season. We find murderer and spend all cash on hunt. We find. We torture. We kill.”

Game analysts have suggested that this will mean no Titans in season 7 as they set about their task of bringing justice for Big Mo. Sources say they have emptied the clubs coffers and sold Coach Thundens prize collection of tea from the Seven Kingdoms to fund the hiring of a PI and a reporter.

Noted Detective Tom Kettering has been spotted at the Orc2 being rushed into a room along with a familiar female reporter to the MML League.

Coach Thunden continues his recovery from the ill fated news conference where the official line from Titans HQ is that he tripped in the chaos and injured himself on the microphone stand, however there are counter rumours that this was a team inflicted injury.

Sweeping suggestions in the league have suggested that Coach Thunden had been weighing up coaching offers from other teams and the latest news from the playing staff at Titans will surely only increase this speculation.

Stay tuned and we’ll bring you more info as we get it.



  1. Still think Thunden is to blame and this is all an elaborate plan. So sad to see the Titans go. I think that selling Thunden’s tea and putting him in hospital are probably quite lenient in comparison to what happens if he is indeed responsible. 😉

  2. How quickly the league changes. It was only 2 seasons ago coaches would complain about having too many Orcs. Now they morn the death of a troll. It goes to show how special Big Mo was. Not loved for his skill or is accomplishments. Loved for being himselfs. Big Mo always seemed to have an eye for the bigger picture. He took time out during the game sometimes to just look around and enjoy being apart of it. Coach Thunden may have yelled at Big Mo and wished death upon him many times. But, I think that was just he confused way of showing that he really cared for that troll. I would be shocked if Thunden was behind all this.

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