Titans coach not fooling anyone

In a rare Cabalvision interview we managed to sneak some time with Green Tide Titans coach Thunden von Strutten in peculiar circumstance.

Called to, what can only be described as an abattoir we spoke to von Strutten as he hung suspended from a meat hook in a jesters outfit, the ever humorous coach regaled us with the following ;

“Get me out of here, please you’ve gotta help me, they’re gonna eat me! The fat one was talking about basting me and then covering me in paprika and snotling juice… hey don’t just stand there… hey hey…I have a wife and kids… hey!!!!”

A short conference this time from the numero uno practical joker, we weren’t even surprised when the meat hook receded into the distance von Strutten still acting his little heart out to keep the prank going.

If we see that sort of creativity from the Titans we’ll be in for a humdinger against the Tigerjagers!!!