Titans get hype for Season 4!

Titans get hype for Season 4!


After a disappointing Season 3 in which the Titans just failed to qualify for the playoffs, they return to previous stomping ground the Death Valley which was handily won last season by the Blitzkriegers.

Coach Thunden has finally bowed to fan pressure and dabbled in the transfer market, bringing in first choice pick, Louise. This Black Orc hails from the Ladyorcs team in the Farm league, famous of course for her breakthrough gender reassignment operation she has already attracted a host of admirers in the team. Well known diva, Gorbag Marlarr was seen exiting the back door of her hut in pre-season training – could this have repercussions down the line?

Last season the Titans dabbled with screening and breaking up the field avoiding their more traditional cage method. In the beginning stages of the season this tactic fell apart against the host of Lizard teams they came up against, only working on one occasion versus the TMNL. However with a varied range of teams to face in the coming season tactics will have to be flexible as the Titans will take on Norse, Dark Elves, Dorfs, Chaos, Wood Elf, Skaven and of course those damnable Lizards of Doneagle.

The fans are very much looking forward to the renewing of hostilities with the Merthyr Shock’n’Ore dorfs, particularly after the shenanigans at the playoff training camp for Season 2. Of particular interest is the fouling monstrosity that is Yn hŷn nag aur on his death roller, however we’re reliably informed that the Blorc Motorcycle Club have a plan in place for him. Without further ado… letz av sum seezun 4 akk-shun!!!!

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