Titans poised to Flatten Angels?

Good day sports fans! I’m Derek Winkleberry and I’m your new roving Old World correspondent for Just Score Magazine, if you can’t, it does!


I’ve been reassigned to report on and bring you all the scurrilous japery of this ragtag band of greenskings, the Green Tide Titans. I’m not entirely sure why they moved me from my plush little assignment in Cathay, I mean really, hasn’t everyone offended the locals there?


Anyways, my dear old overlord has implored me to get to the point rather than writing essays like some other correspondents are wont to do. So here we are at the Orc2, home of the Titans who are warming up for their game against the Flat Earth Angels who are newcomers to the MML. With so much difference in experience between the teams, will we see teapots flying? Moustachioed wizards rave dancing on the side lines? I asked Coach Thunden these very questions… as well as asking if someone had to die of thirst and hunger before getting a blasted Earl Grey and crumpet round here… can’t get the staff…


DW : My dear fellow! How wonderful…


T : Out with it.


DW : Ah right… well now…


T : Robshank!!! He’s leaving!


I’d been advised that sometimes it can take a little bonhomie, a little witty repartee to break into the good graces of Blood Bowl coaches. However I’d heard Coach Thunden was nowhere near as unapproachable as some of those infamous coaches like Mr Big, Serious Jest and the erudite Drumph. I can see a little more practice on my part is due. However it’s past midday and that means its wine o’clock, spit spot… ahhhh Chateau Nelfdeponce, bottoms up!

drunk rep

…some hours later…


DW : Now shee here… you’ve got a doo-tee to ansher my queshtions!!! Your team are notorioshly bad at dealing with wiza…wizooo… magishuns!!! How will you deal with the Angelsh schpellboys and schtar pl… hic…ayers? I mean jusht look at what Hishtory of Violunsh … hic… did to you… ha! Twice!!! What you got up your slee… *BANG*


Twas around this time I was told that the advertising hoarding I had been unknowingly grilling with my famed interview technique, fell on me. On the plus side though, that lovely chap Coach Thunden did send me a get well soon card!! Things are going in the right direction, before you know it we’ll be firm friend, besties if you will! I’ll get him a gift to cheer him up after his loss, I can’t wait to report on the game!


Derek Winkleberry… signing off!



  1. Hahaha creative! It’s like reading Shakespeare:a great story if you can decipher the cryptic British-and-not-European prose. I’ve got my Oxford dictionary, though, and I’m eagerly awaiting Dingleberry’s next article!

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