Titans recruit Zigmund Froid to deal with Herpetophobia

World reknowned Slaan psychologist Dr Zigmund Freud has reportedly been flown into the Green Tides HQ for urgent work on the team psyche.


Since their elevation from the Swamp Leagues the Titans have had a miserable record against any sort of reptile that grows its own tail back. Thumped by the new boys on the block, Hissstory of Violence with nary a whimper on the opening game of S3 – although some eagle eyed readers will recall the allegations of Dwarf doping that sprung up around that time. They then proceeded to draw with the roid freaks, Leaping Lizards.


Coming up on the rails are the brand new proposition from the Wicked Garden Conference, TMNL, coached by relative unknown Seriousjest. The Titans are obviously trying to close out every angle in their final push for a play off place. Whether or not anyone can get through to this intellectually challenged bunch it remains to be seen, however if anyone can Froid can. As yet we’ve had no pictures or reports of Big Mo on the coach… neither do we think we want any.


As we enter the final regular week of S3 reports began to filter out from the Orc2 of strange behaviour from the cabal of Orc blitzers in the team. Robshank was seen intently watching One Million Years BC and practicing spear thrusting moves… more concerning was recently sacked Stinky Charlie posing in the corner in loincloth and Farrah Fawcett wig.


In unconfirmed reports, the Mariah Fairy of the Titans, Gorbag Marlarr, was supposedly spotted in the VIP area of the Lizard Lounge… rumours abound that he was seen talking to venerable Krox, Komodo Joe, this reporter suspects possible transfer shenanigans! It can hardly have escaped Gorbags attention that coach Thunden has lined up a well respected feeder club for next season. Could this be the end of the tempestuous relationship between them as Thunden looks for a cheaper alternative?! Titans fans could well reform the famous Lynch Mawb of the early club years if this turns out to be true.


This could also be the reason we were denied access to Coach Thunden as we were ushered out of the Orc2 we did catch sight of him gently rocking back and forth mentioning something about … thunderlizards???


Jimmy Orcson… *out*