Titans snuff out the Gale

Tide snuff out the Gale

In a bitter and dank meeting at Da Stoop, Green Tide Titans finally threw off their jinx against fast moving, agile teams. North Grove Gale came into the game on the back of two straight wins in their debut season in the MML and with media pundits seeing this as an easy win for the elves.

Titans meanwhile had strengthened their line up in mid week play by bringing in rookie Troll, Big Mo. Doubts persisted over this strategy and seasoned coaches doubted the benefit of bringing in such an inconsistent talent. Whilst it wasn’t a debut to be proud of for Big Mo, he did tie up the Gale’s rampant treeman for most of the game, even taking an injury in the spirit of a smitey game. Fortunately for the Titans and for COWher Power Hour he managed to recover for the second half and for the game next week.

From the off Titans set out their stall much differently to recent weeks, adopting a screening defensive shield. Aspersions that the coach had been caught peeking at the Gale’s playbook for inspiration proved warranted. The screen worked well to begin with stalling the elf advance in dreadful conditions. Titans managed to recover the ball after a loose period of play and advanced in the standard cage format up the field rather than the screening tactics employed this season.

This is when Nuffle showed his displeasure with the Elves pre game lack of sacrifice. One by one the screening elf shield succumbed to Nuffles curse, a couple of knock outs, one injury to be redeemed by the apothecary. Worst of all a tragic death against all odds for a plucky Guardy Lineelf who tried to sprint his way to the defensive screen for the good of the team.

After the carnage the Titans managed to blitz their way into the TD zone for a score at the end of turn 8. Halftime.

Second half was equally unkind to the Gale. They started off down 3 players and kicking possession to the Titans… a little sunray of luck was provided by Nuffle…! Free bonus turn to the Gale, they managed to get linemen into the Titans half and put pressure around the ball. Snapper the Orc thrower however managed to fumble his way into one of his blitzers who then set off to the safety of the cage.

Through excellent elven defensive positioning and the annoying persistence of Yronwood Hornbeam the cage was slowed to a standstill. The ball was dislodged once but recovered again through yet another unfortunate injury for the elves. As a last ditch effort and with only 5 of his teammates remaining on the field, the Gales Wardancer made a spectacular leap into the cage to blitz his Orcy counterpart. Alas all this did was stall the Tide’s advance as they finally managed to break out again and head upfield. Even then there were opportunities for the much reduced elves to hassle the carrier, sadly for the Gale numbers told in the end and the last two turns of the match devolved into bouts of scandalous fouling by the Orcs, who finally scored on turn 15.

A very creditable and gutsy performance by the Gale and their excellent coach, sadly Nuffle was against them this time and the Titans had their thinking heads on for once. The Gale still holding a creditable 2-1 win ratio whilst the Titans remain unbeaten with 2 wins and a draw.