Titans taste tender triumph in top of table tussle!

The newly resurgent Titans played host to the Skyhome Swifts on the weekend in the last game of conference play. The Swifts were riding high after two wins on the bounce against the Greaters and Merthyr, whilst the Titans managed to pulverize the rats in their encounter in week 2 winning by 4-0.

Both teams were still hurting from fatalities inflicted by the spiteful dwarves from Merthyr, the Titans losing rookie Black Orc, Horswill to a suspected knifing in week one and the Swifts mourning the loss of their Wardancer from an equally suspicious attack in week two.

As the teams took the field it was clear the Elves were well drilled and familiar to playing to their strengths, the Titans receiving the ball first attempted to march the ball down the field. The Swifts stifling defensive structure was severely hampering the movement, a rush of blood to the Orc chukka’s head and Snapper darted off down the left wing to lob the ball over to fleet footed blitzer Marlarr… sadly the result was predictable as Marlarr was hit full in the face by the ball. The Swifts recovered the ball and set up a cage, eventually breaking down the right wing where they were only stopped by pushing their luck too far and falling over their own feet. The ball scooped up and passed on to Cliffard who scored in the corner at the end of turn 5.

On the restart it looked like the Elves could push for a quick score before half time but dogged blocking and a fortunate casualty resulting in the death of an Elf lineman stalled out the half.

Receiving the ball in the second half the Elves again pushed for the equalizer, however this time they were hampered by a two elf deficit in numbers. After some cagey to-ing and fro-ing the ball came loose again with all of the elf attackers picking up contact lenses or reapplying make up Marlarr broke down the left wing and was on the verge of scoring when suddenly the lights at the stadium were sabotaged. The refs awarded a 2-0 win to the home side who came off grumbling at the opportunity of collecting more elf ears being robbed from them.

Both coaches shook hands at the end of the game, and the Titans resurgence in the league continues apace.