Titans Transgender Transfer Triumph!


Coach Thunden has stunned current players on the Green Tide Titans with his first dip into the Transfer Market since the League conception. After an average season by their own standards, where the Titans failed to make the playoffs despite a top 8 record, new blood has been sought.

However no one was expecting famed transgender Black Orc, Louise to come in.

Coach Thunden had this to say, “Frankly Kohn was spending most of his time on the deck counting his teeth. A replacement needed to come in, we scoured high and wide for replacements and after an underwhelming season I needed to give the boys some motivation. What better motivation than Louise coming in and bossing the Blorc Squad around. Already she’s making her presence known and has claimed Gorbags spot on the team bus which has resulted in a number of toys being thrown out of a pram. However her choice of music on team trips is taking a bit of getting used to…

Louise Louise and Gorbag – unlikely romance? Gorbag in cap

We’d also like to address the situation during close season with the New Orcland Grunts. We had entered advanced negotiations with Thrall however we felt there were shenanigans going on behind the deal. Thralls demands were getting stranger and his requests for euthanasia of Big Mo were the final straw. We pulled out siting financial concerns and to be honest… it couldn’t have come to a better resolution. We’re thrilled to see Preach back at the helm as owner and coach and look forward to renewing our rivalry in the #OneTribe Cup.

Back in the Death Valley Conference next year we’ll certainly be looking forward to putting the hurt on Coach Shaky and those damned dwarves. However we’d like to wish our green pals in the Wrecking Kru all the best in this seasons final – looking forward to them becoming the first #OneTribe champions!!!! Go aaaaaan Caven!!!”

Titans Movements :

Out – Gornast (Lineman Lvl3), Kohn (Blorc Lvl1)

In – Louise (Blorc Lvl3)