TMNL Twerper Reactions to Coach Bortbot’s Calling the East Division “Soft”

by April O’Neil

If you are like most MML fans, you fought off the cousin of death, a.k.a. sleep, maybe even with the help of a little orcaine, in order to feed your main addiction to the crystal melf of all things Blood Bowl, The MMLPro Talk Podcast. Episode 10 premiered late last night, as tumbleweeds and echoes floated around the empty Farm. Everyone was listening.

And whether you’re a beast from the East or thump your chest for the West, you probably felt strongly one way or the other when you heard guest host Coach Bortbot West of the Pork Attack suddenly interrupt Commissioner Preach_MJ and proclaim, “Yo Preach, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish but the East is just kinda soft this season…SOFT!” Bortbot then ceded control of the podcast back to Preach as boos from the studio audience, full of Green Tide Titans and Frozen Thrones banners, drowned out Bortbot’s declaration that he should now be referred to as “Beezus,” while his goblin entourage shouted “Old Worldstar!!”

This has quickly become the top trending Twerper topic, with various members of TMNL taking to Twerper to express their reactions:

@Smashceratops:  @Bortbot said it himself: He’s just moaning because he’s in no position to make the playoffs.

@Spermadactyl: Like my pigga @JustinTimberlorc from the Farm’s @SausageParty likes to sing, #CryMeARiver @Bortbot @MMLPro

@Gruntosaurus: If 2 teams in your conference are 4-0, maybe that says something about their competition.

@Maimonychus: Maybe @Borbot should spend less time whining & peeing & worry more about coaching. @WarPig should break his nose. #ThePeeInjury #NeverForget

@TyrannosaurusFlex: Come play in the East next year, @Borbot. #WillShowYouSoft

@Torpedoraptor: A couple of losses and he’s already talking about bailing on orcs? And he calls us soft? #DeezHumansAintLoyal #XceptOurs

@Velociraper: The East is too soft and orcs are too hard? #CmonMan

@Ornithop0wna: Who’s @PorkAttack again? A Challenge League Team?

@Trippertaurus: Keeping @Borbot’s quote in my locker for the rest of the season. #ThanksForTheMotivation

@KillmonoMightyDragon: Still mad about last week. Enough dangerous teams here to worry about. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat @PorkAttack @Borbot

@HannibalLickter: I bet @Borbot’s liver would taste wonderful with some dwarfava beans and a nice chaosianti.

@seriousjest: Sometimes, coaches get frustrated, and we say the wrong thing. I do agree with one thing, though: #Outkast4Life