To Free a Butterfly

The Power Hour where getting bored waiting for a game so the team in a “players only” meeting came up with a plan  The boarder patrol minimum security joint would be easy to crack.  If we free the dark elves then we can play against them  The plan was simple.

Step #1. Get More_Shots a beer.

Step #2. Have him make a plan

After careful consideration I allowed the players to free The Blitzkriegers.  I knew if we didn’t do something they may never be heard from again.  Goblin Gambling might be involved.  Then again the dirty elves might have deserved it.  But, they always put up a good game so who am I to decide.  I wrote up a quick plan and the team went to work.

Stoli went in first… They never expected to see beastman leap the wall and blitz the locked door to the prison.  He got the door unlocked and the team flooded in.  Stoli guarded the gate as the others searched.  They searched the buildings for the dark elves freeing them as they went along.  The players pooled in the center of the yard counting to make sure not to leave anyone behind.   As the count finished a goated scream came from Stoli.  He had been attacked from a large black orc boarder unit patrol returning from rounds.  He laid crumpled on the ground with a broken jaw.

Stunty commanded the troops to attack.  The 20 Blood Bowl players moved into action in an all out war.  It was much like the cabal open games.  Just violence… no ball.  Dark elves leaping into groups of orcs and dodging out the other side.  Beastman trading blows with the orcs.  Even Umbean was darting around getting his hits in.  Gaesmal did his part throwing rocks into the scrum.  It’s hard to tell which side he hit more times.  The odds seemed pretty even.

As the dust settled to show the Orcs lay KO’d on the ground next to footprints that lead off to freedom.

“The Blitzkreigers are like beautiful butterflies.  They can’t be locked in a cage.” More_Shots

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  1. Nice operation dear More_Shots, we appreciated it to its proper value!
    Gaesmal was a bit dispappointed because he as about to launch his own plan 5 minutes later, but I think it was safer this way… And great victory of course!!

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