Tournament of Bones

Whilst the undead, khemri and necromantic teams may still be doing very well in the MML pro’s and CL the Dread King and undead horde have been defeated in Death to the Living and now the Lord of Bones is retiring the fan favourites the ‘Harryhausens’ back to the earth from whence they came! – Dark times indeed for the undead in the MML.

But from the ashes of the first MML all skeleton army, have risen many more and others will hear the clarion call to join them in the endless quest!

Arise skeleton armies, arise! Come, join us for the Tournament of Bones!

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will be knockout Style.
  • The tournament will be open to undead and khemri teams only.
  • Slots are limited to the first 8 teams to sign up.
  • Open to new teams only.
  • Teams may only employ the services of skeletons as players, (all other positionals are forbidden.)
  • Teams must always seek to employ a minimum of 11 skeletons and therefore cannot hold money in their treasury in excess of the cost of players, unless they have this minimum number of 11 skeletons.
  • Spending treasury money on inducements is strictly forbidden. (Any inducements may be utilised, including star players, in the event that petty cash money permits. These star players could be none-skeletons and is the only exception to the all skeleton rule.)

“We don’t want no skinking zombies with their stinking flesh on nice clean bones!” – Hairy Lord of Bones

To Register:
In-Game, navigate to Join League and select Multiplayer League.
Search for “MML Charity Tournaments”
Select “Tournament of Bones” and request a ticket.

The winning coach will earn their right to be named ‘Lord of Bones’
The winning coach will also have the right to a special discord name enhancement.

This is obviously a ‘filler’ tournament. For fun. But we believe it will be great fun and reflects the great interest that has been shown in all skeleton teams. Please keep up to date with future charity tournament offerings, especially note that there will be a special tournament when Legendary Edition comes out!

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