Treehawks Defeat Champion Cold Hard Truth 2-1 – Statement Win or Pyrrhic Victory?

SEATHIEL, ATHEL LOREN – The mood in the Treehawks’ locker room was decidedly somber Thursday evening, considering they had just pulled off a 2 – 1 victory over the defending champion Cold Hard Truth. Rising star Wardancer Lymeyth, eager to deliver a mighty blow to a Truth skink, was shoved into the crowd and will never see the Blood Bowl pitch – or anything, for that matter – again. By the time Willowbranch, the sylvan nymph serving as the team’s apothecary, reached the circle of fans kicking Lymeyth, he’d been returned to the earth as fertilizer. And that’s the cold, hard truth of Blood Bowl.

“We came out ready to play this season. Not renewing Hornbeamforest’s contract sent the message to our elves that they would have to start pulling their weight or they’d be cast off like so much dead wood. The message seems to have hit home. Lymeyth came out willing to make the sacrifices we need to win. Unfortunately, the price was high for him. I hope he’ll be an example to the rest of the team. Well, the effort, not the dying part,” remarked Sacerdotalist, coach of the Treehawks.

Lymeyth had entered the game with a target on his head.   Other MML coaches had taken notice of him beating his wardrums and defiantly launching taunts and insults at the world at large, and rumors spread before the game of a bounty offered by rival coaches.   The Treehawks enter a Week 2 against a Pork Attack team eager to defend their First 4 Conference Championship with only one Wardancer. Can Mahtar’und, Zarlara, and their kin pull off another win short-handed while the pro scouting staff scour the forests for a replacement Wardancer?