Treehawks Hunt Vermin, Swoop to 3-2 Victory over Mauz

The Seathiel Treehawks received the short opening kickoff and made a quick dash up the left sideline, cutting through the Mauz defense like and arrow through the wind for a fast opening touchdown by Lymeyth the Wardancer.   After kicking the ball away, strong defensive play knocked the ball loose at midfield and Lymeyth again carried the ball deep into the Skaven territory. Overconfident from his early touchdown, he aimed a pass towards a bevy of Treehawk receivers in the redzone, but managed to muff the pass and drop the ball behind him in the open. The rats sniffed opportunity like the odor of moldy cheese wafting in on the breeze and made a quick counterstrike. A Gutter Runner snatched the ball off the ground, dodging and darting upfield before hurling a pass to a Mauz-mate. With Mauz threatening deep, the Treehawks safeties manage to swarm to the ball and tackle the ball carrier. The rat pack provided too much support and scooped the ball back up to even the score at 1-1 and not enough time left on the clock for the Treehawks to counter in the first half.

The second half started with the Treehawks kicking off deep into Mauz territory, leading to a biting and kicking scrum for the ball. After several back-to-back changes of possession, the rats knocked the ball free and headed up the field, forming a cage at midfield. With a Gutter Runner skittering deep into the end zone, another accurate pass hit home for a score. Trailing 2-1 in the middle of the second half, the Treehawks had to score fast to leave time to get the ball back and pull ahead. Matar-ung the Wardancer grabbed the kickoff and took shelter behind Hornbeamforest’s branches, while the catcher Zarlara ran deep to provide a endzone receiving threat and stretch the defense. Lymeyth then punched through the thin gutter runner screen to give Marar-ung a clear path to the endzone and evening the score at 2-2.

On the ensuing kickoff, Mauz rapidly advanced to midfield with a quick pass n’ dash from Thrower to Gutter Runner, but an aggressive blitz from Lymeyth took down the rat and freed the ball for a teammate to recover. Lineman Hasirel, supported by his teammates, then withstood a desperate blitz from the Skaven thrower, who launched himself with a furious chittering but was knocked out by Hasirel’s stiff arm. Free to run, Hasirel handed the ball off to Zarlara who sprinted in for the go-ahead score. With seconds remaining, Mauz mounted an explosive last drive that saw a Gutter Runner successfully dodge through the defense with the ball before stepping on his own tail and ending the game on his back with a squeak.