Treehawks Make Grunts Squeal, Squeak Out 1-0 Win

SEATHIEL, ATHEL LOREN – The Treehawks again emerged victorious but hardly unscathed after their battle with the #8 ranked New Orcland Grunts. Their newest signing, Wardancer Mal’nor, followed his predecessor to the grave in only his second professional game after being callously leapt upon by a brutish orc blitzer who had already completed his block. The second starting blitzer position opposite vetern Wardancer Mahtar’ung become somewhat of a revolving door of late; Wardancer Haliastur is the next elf up. The Treehawks front office says they will be in communication with MML officials regarding the repugnant practice of piling on downed opponents, but expect only the hear grunts in return.

The Wednesday night game was tightly contested, with the Treehawks poised to take a 2-0 lead heading into halftime, only to realize that they had failed to leave a player in scoring position to capitalize on their late forced turnover.  In the second half, the Treehawks kicked deep and kept the Grunts’ tight cage moving at a crawl. With timing running out, the Grunts thrower broke from the protection of his Black Orc Blockers and dashed down the sideline. In what has become a theme, elite catcher Zarlara padded his All-Star resume with a key blitz to knock the ball free and prevent the score in the waning moments of the game.

Next week, the 4-0 Treehawks will face off against the undefeated Skuttle Butts in a top-of-the-First-4 scrap with serious playoff implications. Tune in on your wizwo boxes on Thursday at 8 PM EDT/12 AM UTC.