Treehawks Salt the Pork, Defeat Pork Attack 2-1 in First 4 Showdown

SEATHIEL, ATHEL LOREN – The Treehawks entered the second week of the MML season high in confidence from their win against the Cold Hard Truth in Week One, and resolved not to let loss of Wardancer Lymeyth slow them down. Catcher Zarlara was moved to the second starting blitzer spot next to Mahtar’und. The two harried the orc ball carriers relentlessly, knocking the ball free several times in the first half.

“We played with measured aggression on defense, consistently pressuring the ball and restricting their movement. Our gameplan was inspired by the traditional harvest moon boar roast of Seathiel; roast the pig patiently on the spit, and leap in to carve the bacon as soon as the skin crisps and starts to sizzle,” head coach Sacerdotalist remarked. “It was a hard fought contest. The Pork Attack does not give up, as shown by their fourth quarter drive to tie the game. But we worked on our two-minute drill in practice this week, and I was confident we could reach the endzone again.”

Sacerdotalist was alone in such confidence, with Blood Bowl analysts vehemently proclaiming it was only by a combination of treachery on the part of the timekeeper and divine intervention that Zarlara was able press slice into the Pork’s side and launch the game-winning pass in the waning seconds of the game.

With their win, the Treehawks soar to an early lead in the First 4 Conference pending the Skuttle Butts second match. Their impressive early wins helped lure free agent Wardancer Mal’nor out of the wildwood to sign with the team. The Treehawks look to continue their winning ways in another in-conference bout against first-year Chaos team The Bastard Executioners next week.