Treehawks Secure 2-1 Victory Against Pastries, Reflect on Their 5-3 Season

SEATHIEL, ATHEL LOREN – The Seathiel Treehawks closed out their MML regular season with a thrilling, though sodden, 2-1 victory against Pierre’s Pastries on Sunday. Pouring rain throughout the game hampered the elves’ ball handling, with the delicate skin of their fingers and palms becoming wrinkled and sodden, sloughing off as they tried repeatedly to grab the ball. After a season in which weather influenced several games, players were heard complaining about management’s unwillingness to finance a dome for The Nest.

“We had a winning season and finished on a high note, of which I’m proud,” Sacerdotalist, coach of the Treehawks, said. “5-3 is a solid record in a league as competitive as the MML. However, as a team that is spending to the cap with plenty of talented players, I have to say I’m disappointed not to have made the playoffs. We lost some close games against top teams, and those are games I want to win next season. For Kurnous’ sake, we didn’t even have a game against another elf team! Slow and clumsy Orcs and Beastmen shouldn’t be any more nuisance than fawns.”

While waiting for the MML Coaches’ Board to release the Treehawks’ Bowl Game opponent, Just Score! Magazine asked Sacerdotalist what roster moves we might expect in the offseason.   He again referenced salary cap concerns:

“Hornbeamforest, our veteran treeman, is on an expiring contract and looking for a raise. He’s been the heartwood and soul of our team, and undergone significant growth these past two seasons. You might say he really puts the “tree” in Treehawks. However, his trunk has more rings than it used to, and we have a grove full of saplings eager to bear fruit for the team at the professional level. We don’t want to have to axe him and would be sad if he leaves, but he may have to consider pruning his salary a bit in order to make a return. His whole family has roots in Seathiel, so we’re hopeful he’s motivated to stay. And if he decides to retire, we could always use him for shade on the sidelines next year.”

Could the Treehawks go into next season without the Tree? Can they soar to new heights without Hornbeamforest’s firm, unyielding, and totally immobile presence in the center of the line of scrimmage? You can count on Just Score! to keep you informed, Blood Bowl fans.