Treehawks Soar, Aim for More!

SEATHIEL, ATHEL LOREN – After lying dormant for 6 seasons, the Seathiel Treehawks sprouted again in Season 11.  Their season was soiled by adversity, losing half a dozen elves to death and dismemberment, but they rose above adversity and blossomed in the playoffs.  They leave behind a reputation as a thorny bunch with deep roots in the MML, able to bend in the wind without breaking, and always looking to climb the trellis to find their place in the sun over the Blood Bowl world.

“I am quite proud of the Treehawks’ accomplishments this season, but I assure you that we will not be sitting around preening during the offseason,” coach Sacerdotalist chirped.  “We have a few more surprises to hatch, and plan to come out soaring in season 12.  There will be no crowing and squawking about shiny prizes we’ve already returned to the nest.”

“The newest addition to our flock is an elf many of you may have heard of.  Redwood is coming off an MVP season with “You didn’t see me here…”, a Wood Elf team that made an impact and was gone in a flash.  He was instrumental in YDSMH flying to the heights they did, and we expect that his tenacity and ferocity will be instrumental on the field.  We also think he’ll bring a little of Coach More_Shots’ unique mentality to our locker room and make us a better Blood Bowl team on and off the pitch.”

The Treehawks will be competing in the Iron League in Season 12.  Tune in on Twitch and YouTube!

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