True Romance

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a lonely werewolf on a Mead & Mayhem League Farm Team. She was valued by her teammates, although they kept their distance from her off the pitch. She always suspected that it was due to her roughshod appearance. She had a mangled ear due to a fight with another pup over the remaining scraps of an orc carcass in her early years. She wore a patch over her left eye, a physical reminder of an abusive boyfriend who literally lost his head over her. She knew that she wasn’t pretty, and she felt alone on the team…alone in the world.

And then another werewolf arrived via trade, and the clouds parted. He was missing most of an ear, as well, and he wore a big, flashy patch over his left eye with diamonds that spelled “HBK.” But he didn’t act like he was disfigured. He embraced his appearance…flaunted it, even. He openly relished the fear that his visage inspired in his opponents as he chased them all over the field and mangled them. He was beautiful, and he knew it. And it wasn’t long before the fans thought so, too. Females wanted to be with him. Males wanted to be him. The first day she met him, she asked him what HBK stood for. He grinned, told her, “They call me the Heart Break Kid,” and winked at her with his “good eye.” She fell in love with him right away.

He made her feel beautiful. Taught her not to care about what others thought. To seek only her own approval (although she grew to need his). He called her his Luna. And, following his example, she excelled. They grew to complement each other: he was the powerful tank, and she was the speedy assassin.

Together, they carried their team into the MML Pros. They clawed apart a chaos team together. The announcers in their victory against the Bretonnian Mousillon Morningstars remarked about the Hopeless Necromantics’ formidable 1-2 punch: Shawn Michaels dominating the 1st half, and The Princess Bride dominating the 2nd.

They awoke in their den together on the morning of their match against the Skuttle Butts, ready to face their greatest challenge yet together. The gutter runners were fast, and their storm vermin were brutal, but from this duo, they wouldn’t be able to run or hide.



  1. Sadly there was nowhere to run or hide. I need a sick bucket. – But, more seriously, a nice story. I am kinda ok with werewolf love, but must confess to being a little concerned about the prospect of zombie love. 😀 😉

  2. OOOooooh a love story that’s boring!!! lol I hope the following will be… tragic muahaha

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